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The Cook Trio is a music blog that has been around since 2001. You will find a lot of information here about music, instruments, Guitar, Bass songs and bands. We have lessons as well!

We are an online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about guitar or bass. Our mission statement is to provide you with the best articles on how to play these instruments in order to help you become more confident with your playing skills and knowledge.

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Music is a huge part of our lives. It has the power to make us feel happy, sad, and everything in between. When music connects with us it’s hard not to get excited about listening to music that we love. That’s why music can be such an effective tool for businesses as well as individuals who are trying to stay motivated and reach their goals! 

Here at The Cook Trio, we will discuss how music can be used by your business or yourself – whether you’re a writer, entrepreneur, salesperson or simply enjoy music on your own – music has many different benefits when used properly!

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Music Bands

Best Bands are a type of music group that is popular with many different types of people. Best Bands can be found all over the world, playing concerts for their fans in every country they visit. Best Band groups usually consist of four members: A drummer, bassist, guitarist and vocalist. Best Bands have been around since the 1960s!


All about guitars is an section that focuses on the subject of guitars. All About Guitars provides information and reviews for all types of guitar players, from beginners to professionals. All about guitars also have lessons and videos where you can learn how to play your favorite songs or even write your own!


Everything about Bass

The bass is a stringed instrument that has been around for centuries. It’s what you’ll find in the orchestra, the jazz band, and many other genres of music. There are different types of basses to choose from–you can get a double bass or even go electric with an upright bass! In this section, we will discuss everything you need to know about this versatile instrument.

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music Lessons is a great way to learn more about Music. Music lessons can range from learning how to play the piano, guitar, or drums. Music lessons are also one of the most enjoyable ways for children and adults to explore their creativity. Music lessons can be used as an instrument in many different subjects such as math and art; giving you another opportunity to show your child that music education is valuable in many areas of life!



The Drum is a percussion instrument that produces sound through the process of being struck. Drums are usually made out of either metal or wood and can be played with hands, sticks, brushes, or any other type of mallet. The Drum is often used in music genres such as rock and roll, jazz, or blues.

Rock Music

Rock Music

Rock music is a style of popular music typically played on electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums. Rock is one of the most influential genres in America because it has been at the forefront of cultural change since the 1950s. Rock was born out of Rock ‘n’ Roll which originated from rhythm and blues in 1951. Rock was also influenced by other styles like country, folk rock, jazz, funk, and reggae. Rock is an exciting genre with many different subgenres to explore!