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11 Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals for purchase in 2022

Are you looking for the best bass multi effects pedals?

The bass is widely regarded as one of the world’s best and most useful instruments. The bass guitar is used everywhere, in all kinds of songs and music genres, and is popular worldwide. There has to be an accessory that fully unlocks its potential for such a popular instrument. That accessory is the bass pedal. The best bass multi effects pedals effortlessly increase the use cases and sonic possibilities of bass guitars.

The best bass multi effects pedals are regarded as the best because of the wide range of possibilities they bring and the amount of versatility and customization they afford to the bass guitar. Most songs that feature bass guitars make good use of these multi effect pedals to create effects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

An instrument as important as the bass guitar needs an accessory like the bass multi effect pedal to bring out the best. Pedals can turn your bass guitar into something much greater and can allow it to be used much more ubiquitously. The level of versatility the best bass multi effects pedals bring is unmatched. Many people who begin using these pedals quickly become hooked thanks to the number of options they bring, so they can’t bring themselves to use anything else.

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    Bass Multi Effects Pedals Reviewed in this Guide

    It’s quite obvious, then, why there are so many options available on the market. Every company seems to be vying for the attention of bass guitarists to sell some of these bass pedals. However, only the best bass multi effects pedals are worth your time. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best bass multi effects pedals you can buy in 2022.

    Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals List

    The Boss GT-18 pedal is one of the best bass multi-effects pedals you can get your hands on. Boss is made by one of the most influential, popular, and well-respected names in the pedal industry.

    Boss is an early innovator in the world of bass pedals. When the technology surrounding these pedals was more limited, and companies weren’t sure how to efficiently manufacture them or pack them with features while keeping the price low, Boss stepped up to provide innovations and forward-thinking tactics that revolutionized the industry.

    Without Boss’s contributions, the world would be deprived of quality bass pedals that are being put on sale for relatively low prices. Their manufacturing methods and research on pedal technology also meant that the cost of making these pedals gradually decreased, so we, as customers have access to pedals that are better and cheaper than ever before.

    Boss used their ample experience and all the knowledge they have about manufacturing goods on a massive scale and designing a high-quality bass pedal to produce the GT-18.

    The GT-18 contains a host of options and effects, including, but not limited to: compressors, limiters, several amp-modeling options, different sound effects and pitch correcting options, and the ability to make your own presets for a convenient playing experience.

    This pedal is powered by either four AAA batteries or an AC adapter, so you have the option to remain wireless or get power from a wall socket, depending on your preference.

    Of course, the sound quality and presets are tuned specifically to be used with bass guitars. Although you can get away with using six-string guitar pedals for bass guitars, to unlock their full potential, you’ll want to use a pedal like the GT-18.

    Boss is intimately familiar with how bass guitars work and the kind of sound quality and effects bass guitarists are looking for when they’re shopping for the best bass multi effects pedals.

    Settings can be adjusted using knobs and tuners on the pedal’s body. The pedal is lightweight and built to be as compact as possible. Thousands have taken this pedal on tour with them to performances and have been highly satisfied with the sound quality and portability.

    This pedal is meant for touring musicians, but thanks to its complexity and wide range of uses, anyone can enjoy it.

    • Compact
    • It can be carried anywhere
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Wide range of sound effects
    • Durable design
    • It can be used with most bass guitars
    • Built specifically for bass guitars
    • None

    The Plethora X5 is one of the best bass multi effects pedals that you can buy. It’s been made and designed by TC Electronic, a company that has made a name for itself for being forward-thinking and trailblazing.

    TC Electronic’s trademark high-tech and future-proofed technology are present in the Plethora X5. This pedal has a wide range of features and customizable options that will appeal to all kinds of bass guitarists and playstyles.

    The design of the X5 is quite unorthodox. Instead of a chain running right to left, the X5 has a chain running left to right, with all the controls. This can be difficult to get used to if you’re coming from other, more conventional pedals, but TC Electronic believes that this new design will prove to be easier to use and more efficient than the conventional design.

    This new design philosophy is part and parcel of buying a product manufactured by TC Electronic. It’s a company that has a history of pushing the envelope and defying conventions in favor of being the next company to innovate.

    The X5 is packed with tons of features. Operation is quite simple, with two main modes present on the X5: play and edit. Both modes can be accessed freely using the push of a button on the body.

    The sound quality of this pedal is excellent, fit for use at the highest levels of play. Considering its high quality, its high price can also be justified. This pedal has a wide range of uses and is excellent both for advanced users who can take advantage of its depth and complexity and beginners who need a simple interface and a pedal that is easy to understand yet rewarding to use.

    Thanks to its onboard globally switched cabinet simulation; it can also be utilized as a backup for your pedalboard if anything goes wrong with it. This is another great feature that many advanced users will take advantage of. It also reduces the overall cost of your rig and the number of purchases you’ll have to make since you won’t have to buy another pedal as a backup for your rig.

    • Wide range of customization
    • Easy to use
    • Simple interface
    • Durable
    • Can be used as a backup for your pedalboard
    • Suitable for all users
    • Compatible with most bass guitars
    • High price relative to the competition

    This pedal produced and designed by Vox is one of the best bass multi effects pedals on this list and is the option to go with if you are a bassist on a budget.

    The other options on this list are quite appealing to experienced bassists and other musicians with a decent budget. On the other hand, they may seem too expensive or difficult to use for beginners to the point of being prohibitive. To cater to these players, who want a beginner’s pedal to try and grasp the basics, Vox has produced the 2B pedal.

    Though the 2B is small and inexpensive, it comes packed with a lot of technology. This technology is packed in a very small form that can easily be picked up and carried by anyone. This makes the 2B a perfect travel companion for bassists on the road.

    The 2B is an even better companion for bassists who are just starting or those who aren’t that serious about having a good pedalboard rig. The small body means that the pedal can fit practically anywhere, and the durable design means that you can leave it wherever you kept it, and it won’t ever break or get damaged.

    The 2B is one of the options in Vox’s new StompLab line, which also contains 1G and 2G for guitars and 1B for bass guitars. These pedals can be used with a bass guitar, but for maximum performance and comfort, you should stick with the 2B.

    There are 120 memory slots, of which 100 are presets. This will help bassists who are new to making their slots and don’t know how most people’s presets usually sound. This is part of why the 2B is one of the best beginner bass multi effects pedals out there. You can use the remaining 20 slots to program your profiles when you’re feeling adventurous.

    The presets are sorted into individual music genres, some of which are the most popular genres for the bass guitar. These genres include jazz, pop, rock, funk, and dance.

    All of the included presets are excellent and add a lot to the overall playing experience. Vox has poured time and effort into developing these presets, using all the available tools like editing compression, reverb, pitch, etc., to make sure that users will have access to sound quality that is unparalleled at this price point and can be compared with pedals that are several times more expensive.

    The presets are also varied enough that you can get lost in exploring the multitudes of different sounds. The best part about practicing on a pedal like this is that you can just experiment and pass the time trying to come up with different grooves and melodies. The variety that this pedal offers means that hundreds of hours can pass before you’ve even explored all that it has to offer.

    The versatility on offer paired with the durability and design means that this pedal is one that you should consider even if it was twice the price. The value for money prospect makes it even more appealing.

    However, since it is a budget-oriented pedal, it doesn’t have the best sound quality or balanced presets. Advanced users may find that the presets and other features present here are too rudimentary for their use.

    • Excellent value for money
    • Durable build
    • Small and lightweight
    • A vast array of presets
    • Simple to use and understand
    • Packed with features for the price
    • Very affordable
    • Sound quality is not good enough for advanced users
    • The manufacturer is not well known
    • Some presets aren’t balanced properly

    One of the most popular and loved names in the history of pedal making is Tech 21. Tech 21 is one of the companies that revolutionized the bass pedal industry by introducing some of the biggest innovations the music industry has ever seen.

    Thanks to Tech 21’s forward-thinking designs, the world of pedal making has seen some major improvements. Due to their contributions, today’s pedals come packed with more technology than ever before at prices that seem to reduce each year. They’re part of the reason you can buy a pedal for a few hundred dollars and do more with it than professional musicians could some decades ago.

    This Fly Rig Pedal produced by Tech 21 is a shining example of the level of detail, love and attention they put into their products. This pedal is meant to function as an amp in a box and a regular pedal. This effect is achieved through a special technology that the manufacturer calls SansAmp.

    The Fly Rig pedal is mainly controlled by a simple knob on the front of the body. Although this control may seem rudimentary, this pedal is quite complex and offers a wide range of options to the user so that you can tailor your sound experience however you want. It does this while keeping the controls simple, so even beginners should grasp them easily.

    The Fly Rig comes with incredible sound quality and a range of presets that have been expertly created and balanced by Tech 21. These presets combine to cover a wide range of sounds and genres, so you’ll be left satisfied no matter what your taste in music is.

    The inclusion of the SansAmp technology adds even more value to this overall package. Usually, buying a single, separate SansAmp device costs you a few hundred dollars; now, for the same price, you’ll have access to a fully functioning pedalboard. The value for money prospect on offer here is very appealing and unmatched even by many other pedals on this list.

    • Excellent value for money
    • Good build quality
    • Wide range of presets
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Made by a well-known brand
    • Affordable price
    • SansAmp technology adds even more value for money
    • None

    Next on our list is one of the best bass multi effects pedals Zoom has ever put out, the B1. This is another entry that appeals to the budget-conscious segment of our readership.

    Similar to the Vox 2B, its price tag does not do its quality justice, and you would be hard-pressed to find a pedal that packs in as much quality and as many features for the same price.

    There are over 70 effects, and amp models present in this device. There’s also an expression pedal and a built-in rhythm section, features you may not even find in high-end pedals.

    Over the years, Zoom has become known for making excellent bass pedals for very low costs, and it’s easy to see why. Zoom has quickly become one of the most popular budget-friendly manufacturers in the pedal-making industry.

    The features don’t end there. There’s also a built-in drum machine system with dozens of drum loops and many different time signatures. The B1 can be plugged into a computer which allows users to edit different settings and presets from a dedicated app to get even more from their pedal.

    The multitude of different effects and amp models means that this pedal is one of the most versatile ones on this list. It features a wide range of sounds and effects which can even be used in conjunction.

    The effects on their own produce vastly different and unique sounds, but the most fun can be had to figure out the different combinations that produce the most unique sounds, sounds that can’t be replicated on any other device. For this reason, it’s more accurate to say that the B1 has hundreds of different effects and sound options, not just one.

    Like the 2B, the B1 is an excellent learning bass pedal. This pedal contains several different presets, which are expertly tuned and balanced. The sound quality is so good that advanced users will have no problem using this device and may get more out of it than they expect.

    The 30-second looper and built-in headphone jack provide extra bells and whistles that bassists, especially beginners, will love. After all, the only thing more annoying than someone practicing bass to your neighbors and housemates is someone practicing it poorly, so it’s better to have private sessions sometimes.

    Perhaps the biggest flaws of the B1 lie in its design. This pedal is bulky and difficult to carry around. Its design looks and feels quite cheap, so much so that it’s difficult to ignore. The build isn’t the best, and users worried about their gear looks should look elsewhere for a better-designed pedal.

    However, for everyone else, the B1 is one of the best bass multi effects pedals on the market and a no-brainer of a purchase for a big chunk of potential users.

    • Excellent value for money
    • Wide range of presets
    • Good sound quality
    • Compatible with most bass guitars
    • Easy to use and understand
    • Very cheap
    • Drum loops and other bonus features are present
    • Poor build quality
    • Tacky design
    • The pedal is clunky and difficult to carry around

    The MXR M101 is another entry best suited to beginner bass guitarists or musicians on a budget. Most people looking to get themselves a new multi effects pedal are new to the world of bass guitars; most have picked it up as a hobby during the pandemic.

    This led to high demand for budget bass pedals that prioritize quality and usability while keeping costs as low as possible. It became its specialized category. During this time, one of the companies that came to the forefront and showed that it could produce the best bass multi effects pedals that were budget-oriented was MXR.

    MXR may not be a famous or household name by any means for the vast majority of people. However, they are beginning to gain more and more popularity for the consistently excellent and cheap products they have been producing, especially the pedals.

    One of the most famous pedals they have produced is the Phase 90. The Phase 90 is an iconic pedal that is cheap yet packs so much quality and class that it has been found in the rigs of musicians worldwide.

    The design of the Phase 90 is very simple and easy for beginners to understand. This pedal contains only one knob, which controls the speed of the phaser effect. This may make the Phaser 90 look like a rudimentary pedal with little to no complexity, but there’s a reason so many professionals love it.

    The sound of this pedal is very versatile and can be used to induce both subtle and pronounced changes in audio. This effect has been utilized in some of the most famous songs of all time, including songs by Pink Floyd and Van Halen, among others. Its popularity with some of the most famous acts of all time is a testament to its enduring quality and ability.

    The audio has a very analog quality to it, which is only found in the most premium pedals. Its classic sounds are iconic and instantly recognizable to any audiophile or dedicated musician.

    The Phaser 90 is extremely durable, especially when used with the protective sleeve that comes bundled in. Using this sleeve correctly will result in a pedal that is resistant to normal wear and tear and resistant to small scratches and other purely aesthetic damage. Some of these pedals are older than many humans yet still look like they’ve recently been unboxed.

    The cost is low, and the value for money is high. You can’t ask for more from a pedal like this. Very few pedals offer this sound quality and design for such a low price.

    The only flaw present in the Phaser 90 is the simplicity. For many beginners and some musicians who aren’t interested in having the fanciest pedals, the Phaser 90 is an excellent option. For others, it may be a bit lacking in features and customizability, whereas other pedals included in this list aren’t.

    Ultimately, this pedal is a no-brainer of a purchase for everyone looking for a simple pedal that is easy to use.

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    • Great value for money
    • Excellent design
    • Very durable
    • Used in some of the most famous songs of all time
    • Long life
    • Good sound quality
    • The controls are basic, and there is only one knob

    This pedal produced by Dunlop is one of the best bass multi effects pedals you can buy for under $100. It combines affordability with practical use, a good design, a simple user experience and beginner-friendly ergonomics.

    Dunlop has been producing pedals since the 1960s, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if their name comes up in a discussion of the best pedals on the market. For decades they’ve been producing some of the best pedals ever to be made available for purchase and have rapidly gained popularity and countless supporters around the world.

    Dunlop was an early innovator in the world of wah pedals, pedals that are made to produce a “wah” sound.

    Dunlop fans should be happy with the design of this new Crybaby pedal. This pedal retains the designs of older classic Crybaby pedals while introducing all-new features and adjustments. This new version retains the old sweet, analog-sounding expressive sound found in previous versions while making the sound crisper and more precise.

    Dunlop focused most of its development on the inductor of this pedal, resulting in the creation of an all-new inductor known as a Fasel Red toroid inductor. The development of this inductor was worth it since the sound quality seems to have improved quite a bit while keeping the cost of the pedal low.

    The Crybaby is quite durable, with special attention given to the design to make the pedal as resistant to damage as possible. The sliding mechanism is robust, and most users have reported little to no damage to it even after years of use. Since the Crybaby is one of Dunlop’s flagship pedal brands, they invested a lot to ensure this mechanism is robust.

    The sound quality of this pedal is the real draw of the entire package. Most pedals in this price range can’t hold a candle to the Crybaby’s sound quality, and the same goes for pedals that are far more expensive.

    However, as is the case with many budget-oriented pedals, the controls are a bit limiting, so you won’t be able to change too many things about the sound of the bass while you’re using it. For those who are still interested while keeping this information in mind, the Crybaby is a great option that will greatly increase what you can do with your bass.

    • Great value for money
    • Durable design
    • Stylish look
    • Good sound quality
    • Made by an established name
    • Basic controls
    • Not very complex

    The next entry on our list is the excellent Downtown Express Bass Guitar Multi-Effects pedal made by the ever-consistent Fender.

    Over the past several decades, Fender has solidified its place in music history as one of the best music gear manufacturers out there. The name Fender is so ubiquitous and well-known that people who don’t play any instruments or aren’t interested in music have also heard of it. They have come to be associated with high quality, well-made instruments and other assorted gear, and for a good reason.

    Fender has one of the most proven track records of any manufacturer globally. Suppose the instrument or accessory you’re looking for is even semi-popular. In that case, you can bet Fender either produces it or has developed its own set of innovating design choices that have come to define that product.

    This bass pedal is no different. As is usually the case with Fender products, the Downtown Express has a simple user interface that is easy to understand even for beginners and users with little to no experience with pedals.

    Every single control and design choice baked into the hardware of this pedal comes together to produce an incredible experience that is at once extremely simple and easy to get a grasp of and highly complex with a high skill ceiling.

    This pedal appeals to beginners and serious musicians looking to take their bass guitar-playing capabilities to the next level.

    This pedal contains a knob for the master volume and three knobs for EQ, a standard feature for many pedals. It also contains an inductor which gives the pedal a classic, analog-sounding tone. It includes a true RMS compressor, rarely seen in pedals at this price point. The compressor reduces the overall volume instead of artificially reducing the peaks, resulting in a more balanced sound that is truer to life.

    The Downtown Express is very durable and can be used at optimal performance for years with a little maintenance. Reviewers note that this pedal is easy to maintain and can be used for a long time after the purchase with no apparent signs of wear.

    As is expected from a Fender product, this pedal shines brightest when its sound is considered. It has excellent sound quality, with the aforementioned inductor and compressor giving an old-school, analog sound that perfectly complements the look of the pedal.

    The onboard controls are in-depth, so even advanced users and professionals will be satisfied with the level of control they’ll have over the sound of the bass. It helps that this pedal is built specifically for bass and perfectly adjusted for it.

    • Great value for money
    • Excellent durability
    • Long-lasting
    • In-depth controls
    • Made by an established name
    • None

    This bass pedal produced by SONICAKE is one of the best bass multi effects pedals you can buy right now. It combines all the features you would expect from a quality bass pedalboard, and adds in some of its own features.

    SONICAKE touts this multi effects pedal as a one-stop option for those who want a pedalboard in a convenient package and for a small price. There are many features here, much higher than what competing pedals offer.

    It contains controls for boost/comp, fuzz, preamp and octave. These are some of the most essential controls a pedal can have and the fact that it’s all provided in one package means that users who purchase this pedal will have access to all of the aforementioned features in a convenient and small form-factor.

    There’s also a 3-band EQ present here, a staple in most bass multi effects pedals. However, these controls are more substantial and offer greater precision for whichever effect or sound you want to control.

    There are a wide range of presets present in this pedal, offering everything from a dynamic clean sound to a classic rock sound. This means that users will have a great amount of versatility and will be able to play virtually any style they want at any time.

    The presets are all calibrated quite well so the sound is accurate and rich. The harmonics of this pedal are great, and it’s clear that SONICAKE has paid special attention to making sure this pedal sounds as good as it possibly can.

    Since this pedal is so small and contains so many controls, it’s marketed towards traveling musicians and people on the road. Any pedal that markets itself as a travel companion needs to have good durability so it can survive the bumps on the road and being tossed around in a gig bag, and this pedal doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

    The durability is excellent. The design is very sturdy and premium-feeling. The body is dense and hefty enough to feel durable but light enough to carry around easily.

    Overall, this pedal is an excellent option for traveling musicians who want something that is complex and feature packed but is also compact and easy to travel with. However, it is difficult to use and understand fully so beginners may be left unsatisfied if they use this.

    • Great value for money
    • Good durability
    • Body is made out of sturdy materials
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Offers control over every aspect of the sound of the bass
    • Beginners will find it difficult to use

    The excellent MG-300 bass multi effects pedal is an excellent option for everyone but the biggest audiophiles. It offers in-depth and precise controls over most aspects of the sound of the bass and is simple to use and understand.

    The MG-300 contains countless features and assorted controls that give the user complete agency over how they want their bass to sound.

    The MG-300 has special features and firmware built in to emulate the sound of classic analog distortion pedals, pedals which are far more expensive than this one. There’s also a small display on the pedal to give ample amounts of feedback so you can fine-tune the effects to make it sound exactly how you want it to.

    There’s also support for 4 microphones in different positions which makes for an easy way to set things up and dive into the multi effects experience. Beginners especially will enjoy the user-friendly design and the small, quality-of-life improvements and features that NUX has added.

    NUX has an immense library of different presets and effects options so no matter what your taste or preference is, you’ll find something to love in this pedal. Most of the presets are quite well optimized and sound excellent, especially for the price.

    The sound in general is excellent. The tone can be totally changed, from a clear and bright sound to a distorted, fuzzy and muddled one, at the drop of a hat. The sheer amount of options you’ll have with the MG-300 is almost unmatched in the bass multi effects pedals category.

    There are bonus features here, too. A popular inclusion that many people look for in the best bass multi effects pedals is the inclusion of the drum loop. NUX has termed the loop technology present in this pedal “NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm” and claims that it will leave any and all users satisfied with its accuracy and simplicity.

    The MG-300 has 8 different rhythm styles, each of which have 7 different beats. This makes the MG-300 one of the most versatile and adaptable entries on this list. Most pedals in this class don’t contain a drum looper that is so in-depth.

    NUX has focused their efforts on the digital front this time round, too. There have been a slew of impressive and thorough firmware and software updates released by NUX for many of their products, and NUX has used this experience to provide their best software experience yet.

    The Edit Software that this pedal contains is simple and easy to understand, letting you edit sounds, tracks and loops with little hassle.

    The body of the MG-300 is durable and long-lasting. This is absolutely a pedal that you can take with you on tour or just while traveling. The small frame lends itself to fitting in containers and bags quite easily.

    Overall, this pedal is a solid option for every guitarist whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. The only drawback comes in the fact that the seller isn’t well-known.

    • Great value for money
    • Good durability
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Good range of presets
    • The sound emulates analog distortion pedals
    • Manufacturer isn’t well-known

    The Ampero MP-100 is one of the most high-tech entries on this list. It offers unparalleled customization and versatility thanks to the fact that it houses simulations of many famous analog pedals digitally.

    The digital effects are so good that you won’t even realize they’re artificial. They sound totally authentic and are balanced perfectly. The transition between these different effects is seamless so you’ll get the hang of it almost immediately.

    There are over 240 different effects built-in, along with 64 amp models, some of which are iconic, and 60 IR cabinet simulations. These effects are all well thought out and sound better than you would expect them to.

    The MP-100 is another pedal that comes packed with tons of presets. There are 198 presets present in this pedal, so you’ll be able to find the sound that’s just right for you. These presets include sounds from many popular genres, such as rock, hip-hop, pop, and the list goes on.

    This pedal also has one of the most impressive drum loopers on this list. The drum looper has over 100 different rhythms, and can loop up to 100 seconds of audio. This is perfect for players who are just trying out different sounds and experimenting casually.

    The display featured on the front of the pedal is a touch display and is very user-friendly. The presence of this display makes using the pedal a breeze. People with absolutely no experience with bass multi effects pedals will be able to use this pedal quite easily.

    There’s also an accompanying app which can be used on both Windows and macOS. This app makes the act of using the pedal even easier since virtually everything can be controlled by the click of a mouse or the push of a button.

    The hardware is excellently designed. The body uses premium-feeling materials and is quite dense without feeling overly heavy. However, it is hefty and can’t be carried around on tour that easily. If you do decide to travel with it, rest assured that the pedal is durable enough to survive being tossed around here and there.

    • Great value for money
    • Good durability
    • Sound quality is excellent
    • There are almost 200 presets
    • Virtual pedals that mimic some of the best bass multi effects pedals ever made
    • Touchscreen display that makes the user experience intuitive and simple
    • The body is hefty
    • Price is on the higher end

    Bass Multi Effects Pedals Buyer’s Guide

    When it comes to the best bass multi effects pedals, there are many options out there. It’s not enough to list all of these options; customers need to know how to distinguish between them as well.

    Though bass pedals are some of the most helpful and useful accessories in musical instruments, they are also highly complex.

    Beginners and even intermediates won’t be able to differentiate between the quality of two different pedals, while experts and advanced players will still have to pour hours and hours into research to find the best bass multi effects pedal that suits their bass guitar.

    There are many variables you’ll have to take into account: price, versatility, durability, compatibility, etc.

    Many people have ordered bass pedals online without testing them beforehand in excitement only to find out when they arrive that they are either incompatible with their guitars or don’t work as advertised.

    To avoid cases like this, you should only buy pedals from trusted sellers that have a good track record. You also need to know your guitar quite well and ensure that whatever you’re buying is totally and completely compatible.

    To help you decide on a purchase, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide that contains important information for everything you’ll need to know.

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    What to look for in the best bass multi effects pedals?


    There are a lot of bass guitar pedals out there. Some of them are advertised as multi effects pedals with tons of features, but this is usually not the case. Only the best bass multi effects pedals, some of which have been mentioned in this list, pack all the features you would expect from a pedalboard.

    The best pedals usually contain a vast array of features and other controls so that you can have total control and agency over every aspect of the bass guitar’s sound. Many songs that feature the bass use these pedals to change or accentuate some aspects of the guitar’s sound to change the overall mood or sound of the song.

    If you settle for a subpar pedal, you won’t have access to these features. It’s never worth settling for a cheaper pedal than the one you want in exchange for some concessions on features. In the long run, the pedals used the most are the ones with the most features.

    The pedals you’ll want to keep an eye out for are the ones that are the most complex and deep.

    Besides just looking out for these qualities, you should also watch pedals that are easy for beginners to use. Pedals are one of the most helpful tools musicians can use to vastly improve their sound and explore different possibilities. However, everyone starts somewhere, so it’s important to find pedals that are easy to grasp as beginners; otherwise, you’ll never progress to the next stage.

    How to weigh the price vs. quality of Bass Multi Effects Pedals?

    One of the most important questions every customer asks themselves at one point, no matter what they’re searching for, is: should I go for something a bit more expensive or try and save money?

    Generally, you’ll want to opt for pedals on the expensive side. Performance is the main thing customers look for in these pedals, so the more features they pack, the better. The best bass multi effects pedals pack in many features but are pricier as a result.

    Comparing cheap and premium pedals

    Premium pedals pack a lot of features that bass guitarists can use at any level of experience. These pedals usually contain several different presets, and the sound is very well balanced in all of them.

    Compare this with cheaper pedals. These pedals have relatively fewer presets and are usually not mixed properly. This results in a subpar playing experience, and the pedal ultimately ends up being useless because it can’t do the one thing that the user bought it for.

    Expensive pedals contain far more features that can be used in the long term as users explore the pedal more and get comfortable with it. One of the best parts about getting a new pedal is testing out the new features and trying different presets to find the sound that best suits you.

    What companies produce the best bass multi effects pedals?

    Many companies have produced some of the best bass multi effects pedals globally.

    These companies include Fender, MXR, Dunlop, Zoom, Tech 21, Vox,  TC Electronics, and Boss. These companies have all made important contributions to the field of bass guitar pedals, and it’s partly because of their efforts that the best bass multi effects pedals are cheaper and more affordable to the common consumer.

    There was once a time when pedalboards were gigantic and took up all the room in the studio. These pedals weren’t that capable, either, and couldn’t produce a wide range of sound effects and designs.

    Nowadays, pedals come in small form factors and are packed with features and presets that even musicians would feel lucky to have. These pedals are much smaller and cheaper on average than their older counterparts, and it’s because of the aforementioned companies that this is possible.

    The companies that deserve special mention include Dunlop, Fender and Zoom. These names are some of the most well-known ones in the entire industry, and it’s for a good reason.

    These companies acted as trailblazers in the 20th century, making important innovations and releasing some of the most popular bass multi effects pedals of all time, some of which are still held as the standard for a good guitar pedal today.

    How to tell whether a pedal is right for you?

    There are thousands of bass guitars and thousands of bass guitar pedals. Every year, the number of bass multi effects pedals seems to increase exponentially, and there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon.

    In a market that is so saturated and filled with great options, it can be difficult to decide on what to buy and differentiate between two extremely similar pedals. In such cases, you’ll have to rely on your tastes.

    The best bass multi effects pedals offer a wide range of presets and sound options that appeal to every type of user and music taste. These presets are varied and include all kinds of genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, punk, metal, etc., so no matter which one you opt for, you’ll likely be left satisfied.

    However, these pedals do vary in some respects. Some are more expensive than others, while others contain a smaller range of presets but focus more on accurate and well-balanced sound design.

    Why simple pedals are so good for beginners?

    Some pedals come with simplistic or basic controls. Once again, whether or not these pedals are a good option for you depends on your preferences. Many professionals are looking for a pedal that only works on a particular effect but does it quite well.

    These pedals can also be easily recommended to beginners. They’re not very technical or difficult to use and easily understood. They’re meant just to be plugged in and played.

    These pedals are also highly specialized and offer in-depth and specific controls for the effect they’re controlling. Some of these pedals are very famous, and the effect that they’re responsible for grows to become iconic. An example of this would be Dunlop’s Crybaby line of pedals.

    If you’re looking for a light and casual experience or have done your research and are looking to emulate a very specific sound, these pedals are a good fit.

    If you want a pedal for the long-term and prefer having options at your disposal at all times, consider getting the pedals that offer the most variety.

    What you can do with the best bass multi effects pedals?

    The main thing bass multi effects pedals are used for is to change the tone and sound of the bass guitar in question.

    Bass guitars start off having a clear and usual-sounding tone, but once connected to a pedal, their sound and tone can be drastically altered. Some common effects include adding reverb, pitch correction, distortion, etc.

    Using a pedal with your bass guitar simply expands what you can do with your bass to the point where professionals are still experimenting with pedals that they bought decades prior.

    One of the biggest perks of owning a bass multi effects pedal is that the options are almost limitless. If you pay attention to songs that make use of these pedals, you’ll find that the effects that they can produce are very distinct and varied and can fit across genres and playstyles.

    Why owning a bass pedal is so important?

    Bass pedals are some of the most important accessories in any serious guitarist’s collection. They increase the versatility of your bass guitar and allow you to do things with it that you never thought were possible.

    There’s a reason that musicians worldwide love having pedals with them. Some consider the sound the bass guitar produces on its own to be incomplete, and most songs now incorporate a pedal in some way.

    Playing the bass by itself is something many people enjoy. However, to unlock the wide range of possibilities and options you could have, you will need a pedal.

    Pedals are also simpler to use than most other accessories available for bass guitars. Most guitarists aren’t technicians and would rather play the bass instead of using intricate and detailed programs.

    For those people, the pedal is a simple way to make small adjustments or change the tone without spending hours and hours learning and understanding software programs.

    Common Questions About Bass Multi Effects Pedals

    What can I do with my bass multi effects pedal?

    There are many things you can do with your pedal. The best bass multi effects pedals offer an almost endless range of options and controls with which you can change the sound and tone of your bass guitar.

    Some of the most common effects include reverb and distortion. These are also the most widely used effects in popular songs.

    Changing the reverb will affect how much the bass echoes. Using it precisely will allow you to replicate the sound a bass makes when it’s being played in a concert hall, a sound many people may miss during this pandemic era.

    Reverb can also be used in other ways. Songs with a more psychedelic and adventurous slant have been known to turn the reverb up even higher, resulting in a strange, highly warped sound that fits well in certain aesthetics if used properly.

    Pitch correction and distortion are the effects that most people prefer to toy with. Using this effect, you can change the pitch of the sound produced and edit it to sound different from how it usually does.

    This effect also gives the best bass multi effects pedals their trademark versatility. Two different people can make the same bass paired with the same pedal sound different due to the pitch distorting effect.

    You can edit many other things using these pedals, like treble, sound balancing, etc.

    Should I try and save money by buying cheap pedals?

    As mentioned previously, it’s never a good idea to try and save money by opting for a subpar pedal.

    The only pedals you should buy are the ones that you are satisfied with. Your skill and experience level is a big factor in making this decision, so recommendations could be different for beginners, intermediates and experts.

    Like the ones mentioned in this list, some pedals are quite cheap and are marketed towards beginners. These pedals are very high quality for their price, so the earlier warning about not buying cheap pedals doesn’t apply to them.

    These pedals are also meant for beginners and so aren’t the most complex or well-made pedals you can find. That being said, they do what they set out to do quite well, and any beginner and most intermediate players would be satisfied with their performance.

    However, premium pedals are the best option for potential customers who are looking for something a bit more in-depth and complex. These pedals are the ones that are used in studios by all the professionals, and they give you the most control over the sound of the bass.

    Is having a pedal necessary?

    Having a pedal is not necessary for playing the bass guitar. However, if you’re looking to perform certain songs or if you want to write your music, having a pedal is essential.

    The level of control and customization you have over the sound of the bass using these pedals means that to have many variations on the usual sound, you’ll need to pick a pedal up.

    Are pedals difficult to use?

    Pedals are becoming increasingly easier to use with time. While they were once gigantic and not very precise, the level of quality has only improved while at the same time the form factor and complex controls have reduced.

    Pedals have a wide range of compatibility, so if you have a pedal, chances are it’ll work with any bass you have lying around. Many guitar pedals are mostly compatible with bass guitars, with some exceptions.

    All you need to do to use the average bass multi effects pedal is plug the bass guitar in and play away. Most pedals have simple controls on the face, such as knobs for master volume and EQ, so even first-timers will learn how to use these pedals through trial and error.

    How long will my pedal last?

    Your pedal can last a long time depending on how much you care for it. Most pedals last anywhere from 2-5 years, but can go much longer if they’re properly maintained.

    Premium pedals are usually made of durable materials so maintaining them for years isn’t too difficult. Cheap pedals are usually less durable but the ones that are compact are much less resistant to damage due to their small size.

    It also depends on how often you use your pedal and whether or not you travel with it. Many people have been able to use pedals for years because their pedals never leave their designated spot in the studio.

    How much should I be willing to spend on a good pedal?

    It’s very important to decide on a budget before making a purchase. How much you should set aside for a good pedal depends on your skill level and how much you’ll use it.

    Beginners can get away with getting cheaper pedals in the $250-75 range. These pedals offer a wide range of features but don’t excel at any of them. They are perfect for beginners.

    Advanced users should opt for pedals in the $250-500 range. These pedals are premium and well-made, offering a high amount of durability. They also have a wide range of features, all of which have been carefully designed to be used in professional settings.

    However, some beginners might prefer buying an expensive pedal with more features. Advanced users may want to get simpler, cheaper pedals that still have a high usability. All of this depends on your preference.

    Enjoy Your New Best Bass Multi Effects Pedals

    In this list, we’ve given you some of the best bass multi effects pedals currently available. Whether it’s customization, a wide range of presets, a simple interface, or a durable design, there’s nothing these pedals don’t have.

    However, our pick for the best multi effects pedal is the Fender Downtown Express Bass Pedal. This pedal combines everything you would want from a good accessory: low price but not too low, excellent value for money, a wide range of compatibility and use cases, and the list goes on.

    It’s also one of the easiest pedals to use on this list. Fender is one of the world’s leading musical goods manufacturers, and it shows with this product. They know how to appeal to beginners and make learning how to use the pedal as simple as possible.

    It also appeals to advanced users who want a great deal of control over every aspect of the sound of their bass guitar.

    That being said, all of the entries on this list are solid options and are worth your consideration. Whichever one you purchase, you’ll be left satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new bass multi effects pedal today!

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