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8 Best Guitar Bridges of 2022

Guitar bridges are one of the most overlooked parts of any guitar. The bridge is the part of the guitar that transmits vibrations from the strings so that the guitar makes a sound. Without the bridge, you wouldn’t be able to hear the strings at all since they produce a small sound on their own. Since the bridge is so important, if you want your guitar to sound as good as it possibly can, you should only get the best guitar bridges on the market. 

 The best guitar bridges have a big impact on the sound and feel of the guitar. Besides their primary function, they also provide important support for the strings, and the tone and clarity of the sound can change depending on the material the bridge is made out of. 

  Bad bridges can be very detrimental to the sound quality of the guitar. They transmit sound poorly, and the tone and clarity of the guitar are usually muddled. Replacing them is also a hassle, so users often keep their old bridges around until they become unusable. Investing in the best guitar bridges alleviates this issue since they’re durable and last for a long time.  

  So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best guitar bridges you can buy in 2022. 

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    Best Guitar Bridge

    Best Guitar Bridges List

    Want to upgrade your guitar? Here are the 8 best guitar bridges of 2022.

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    The first entry on our list is a bass guitar bridge produced by Hipshot, one of the finest guitar parts manufacturers. Hipshot is well-known for producing high-quality items. They’ve spent years in the guitar accessories business and produce a wide range of parts for most guitars out there. This bridge is no exception. 

      The KickAss Bass Bridge is a special high-mass metal bridge that appeals to serious and seasoned bass guitarists. High-mass bridges offer a unique sound and tonal experience distinct from their stock counterparts. 

      The KickAss is modelled after classic high-mass bridges found in famous bass guitars, including famous musicians. It offers a few improvements and modifications to appeal to a larger audience and cater to more people’s tastes.  

      This bridge features a full, detailed tone that users describe as bright and rich. The sustain of the bass guitar is also significantly improved using this bridge. Since it’s made of high-quality metal, the durability is high, so you won’t be able to wear this bridge down even with frequent, consistent use.  

      It holds the strings in place quite well, so they keep tune for longer and have to be adjusted less. Since the pins keep the strings attached to the guitar so tightly, the strings won’t get loose, and as a result, you won’t have to adjust your bass all that often. 

      This bridge is a great option for bass guitarists looking to take their sound to the next level or for seasoned bassists who want to try out a fresh, new sound. The wide range of compatibility present in this bridge means it’ll fit in most bass guitars without needing to be adjusted. 


    • Excellent sound quality
    • Durable hardware
    • Eye-catching design
    • Made by a well-known manufacturer
    • Wide range of compatibility
    • Price is on the higher end
    • Some people don’t prefer the sound of high-mass bridges

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    The next entry on our list is the excellent Tune-O-Matic bridge produced by KAISH. KAISH is a relatively lesser-known manufacturer specializing in producing budget-friendly options for guitarists who want functioning hardware that has good value for money without breaking the bank. 

      As a budget-friendly option, this bridge is outstanding. It has everything you would want from one of the best guitar bridges on the market: good sound, good durability, and a stylish look. Brand name or first-party bridges are usually very expensive and offer less value for money than lower-priced bridges, so having an option like the Tune-O-Matic is good for guitarists who don’t want to spend so much money. 

      With this bridge, KAISH proves that brand name and recognition isn’t everything since everything the average guitarist expects from a bridge is already provided. 

      This bridge has excellent tuning stability. If your guitar has this bridge installed, frequent tuning will be a thing of the past. Given the low price tag, the durability is much higher than you would expect. The tone is clear, and sustain is brilliant, thanks to the zinc used in the body of this bridge. 

      This bridge also has a wide range of compatibility, so it will fit in easily with most guitars. The installation process is simple and doesn’t take long. 

      This bridge is an excellent option for any guitarist who wants an instant boost in their guitar performance without overspending. 


    • Durable design
    • Eye-catching finish
    • Holds the strings tightly
    • Keeps tune well
    • Good sound quality
    • Easy to install
    • Performance isn’t as good as some higher-end bridges

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    Fender has long been one of the world’s leading musical instruments manufacturers. For years, they’ve been producing some of the best instruments, parts and accessories on the market for all price ranges. 

      One of the most important aspects of buying something from Fender is that you’ll know the quality is good. Fender never produces subpar accessories that fail from a design or hardware perspective. 

      Fender has used its experience and design knowledge to produce one of the best bridges of 2022, the Telecaster chrome bridge. This bridge is an authentic Fender part that will fit like a glove with classic Telecaster guitars.  

      If you’re a fan of old-school music and guitarists, then you’ll love this bridge. It incorporates classic Telecaster bridges’ design that gives the guitar its signature sound.  

      The tone is clear, as is the sustain. The sound has a distinct vintage feel that all Telecaster fans will appreciate. The durability of the bridge is excellent, as expected. It holds onto strings tightly, allowing them to hold tune for longer. If maintained properly and lubed up occasionally, this bridge could last you years. 

      This bridge sports a chrome finish, stylish and reminiscent of old-school musicians who loved to rock this kind of look. The price tag is also low, so buyers will get good value for their money.  

      This bridge is also easy to install and comes with all the screws you’ll need to perform an installation. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for guitarists looking to emulate a specific kind of sound. 


    • Durable hardware
    • The manufacturer is well-known
    • Unique sound style
    • Keeps tune well
    • Good sound quality
    • Easy to install
    • None

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    This bridge produced by Blisstime is another excellent option for guitarists on a budget. The price tag of this entry is so low that looking at it, you’d expect the bridge to offer nothing more than passable sound quality and durability. However, it outperforms far more expensive bridges and generally has great value for money. 

      The Blisstime bone bridge is one of the best guitar bridges you can buy for a few reasons. As previously mentioned, the price tag is low enough that you can justify this purchase easily. This package contains 2 sets, each of which comprises a bridge, a saddle and a nut, all made of authentic oxen bone. If used correctly, the presence of multiple parts means that you won’t need to buy any more parts for a long time. 

      However, the main appeal of this bridge is the material it’s made out of. Blisstime used authentic oxen bone from China to produce this bridge. Oxen bone contains a few special properties, making it an ideal material for guitar accessories. These properties include low porosity, high density, and durability. 

      The low porosity is a big factor in the overall sound quality you’ll get using this bridge. Since there are little pores, the sound is clearer, and less is lost between the vibrations of the strings and the sound the guitar is producing. The tone is clearer and richer while sounding heavier. The material is also durable, so this bridge will be resistant to natural wear and tear. 

      The bridge holds the strings in place very well, allowing them to hold tune much better than stock guitar bridges. The bridge is also easy to install and fits in many guitar models. The presence of the saddle and nut only adds to the value of this package. 


    • Durable material
    • Good sound quality
    • Low price
    • Excellent value for money
    • There are 2 sets in the package
    • One set comes with an additional saddle and nut
    • Easy to install
    • Doesn't sound as good as some of the higher-priced competition

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    This electric guitar bridge produced by Seismic Audio is another excellent budget-friendly option great for upgrading your guitar at a low cost, and it’s one of the best guitar bridges on this list. 

      Since cheaper guitar bridges typically appeal to beginners and less experienced guitarists, Seismic Audio has paid special attention to the beginner friendliness of this bridge.  

      One of the most common complaints beginners have is that it’s difficult to know if a bridge can fit your guitar. Manufacturers typically list the guitar models their bridge works with, but this list can be expanded further if the bridge is modified. 

      Often people have found a bridge that they like only to find that it doesn’t fit their guitar. However, this is not the case with this bridge. It’s made to fit a wide range of guitars and comes with a set of standard measurements so that you can make accurate adjustments and fit the bridge in as close as it can with your guitar. 

      This bridge is made of die-cast metal, a very durable material. This metal allows the bridge to remain sturdy and keep the strings in place tightly to hold onto tune for longer. The metal also produces a clear sound with a little metallic touch to it and a rich and full tone.  

      This bridge is a stunner in terms of both sound quality and durability. It’s also affordable and offers good value for money. This bridge should be considered by experts and beginners alike, and, thanks to its wide range of compatibility, it can probably fit in the guitar of whoever is interested. 



    • Durable material
    • Low price
    • Good value for money
    • Clear sound
    • Holds strings in tune
    • Extremely wide range of compatibility
    • Installation is difficult

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    This bridge is another high-quality item made by Fender, and, as the “deluxe” moniker suggests, it’s a high-end accessory meant to boost performance as much as possible. This bridge works best with Stratocaster guitars. 

      The bridge is constructed from premium steel, and the quality of the material is reflected in the sound it produces. The tone is clear and resonant, and the sound feels richer and deeper than in stock Stratocaster bridges. The clamps hold the strings tight enough that you won’t need to worry about continuously tuning the guitar or any strings coming loose. 

      Durability is excellent, but that much is expected from a piece of equipment made by Fender. The main appeal of this bridge is how well it works with Stratocaster guitars. When installed, the bridge seems like an integral and essential part of the guitar, and you’ll wonder how you ever used the guitar without this bridge installed. 

      Since it has a relatively narrow range of compatibility, it fits well on the guitars that it supports. Installation is easy and quick, and thanks to its high durability, you won’t have to remove or replace it for a long time after installing it. 

      If you’re an avid Stratocaster user, this bridge is a must. Even for the high price, it has great value for money and significantly improves the performance of your guitar. 

    • Durable material
    • Good sound quality
    • Manufacturer is well-known
    • Easy to install
    • Makes strings hold tune for a long time
    • High price
    • Narrow range of compatibility

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    This 6-string acoustic guitar bridge made by Mr Power is another bridge made out of bone. As previously discussed, many of the best guitar bridges out there use bone as a material for a few reasons. 

      Bone has several properties that make it an excellent material for guitar bridges. It is dense and conducts sound well, so details and subtle intricacies are maintained. Different bone types also have differing porosity, and the least porous bone types are known to be the most ideal for use in guitars. 

      This bone bridge is made to fit acoustic guitars specifically. It also has a low price, mainly to appeal to beginners. This is one of the best guitar bridges you can buy if you’re a beginner. Installation is simple and quick, as is removal. Durability is high, so you won’t need to replace the bridge for a long time after you install it. This bridge offers a significant boost in the performance of your guitar and, since the price is so low, it’s almost a no-brainer of a purchase. 

      The sound quality of this bridge is excellent, thanks to the authentic bone material used in the making of it. Thanks to the well-made design, the bridge is also durable. It holds the strings in place tightly, although it can allow the strings to lose tune quicker than you would like.  

      The bridge also looks clean and feels premium, thanks to the bone. This bridge gives off a bright, snow-white color that catches the eye in the sun and accentuates the guitar’s design in which it’s held.  

      If you’re looking for a beginner guitar bridge, you can’t do much better than this. It has all the features any beginner guitarist would want, with enough sound quality and durability that you can continue using it in the intermediate stage as well. 


    • Durable material
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Low price
    • Good value for money
    • Easy to install
    • Stylish look
    • Strings don’t hold onto tune for that long

    No products found.

    This classical guitar bridge produced by Greenten is one of the best guitar bridges you can buy right now, especially if you’re a classical guitar player. 

      It’s made of beautiful-looking, premium rosewood which makes the bridge look more expensive. This aesthetic fits well with classical guitars, typically thought to be elegant and classy.  

      The sound quality of this bridge is excellent, as you would expect from one of the best classical guitar bridges. Greenten knows that sound quality is the most important aspect of classical guitars, and they made sure that ample attention was paid to that quality. The tone is clear and bright, with good sustain and a large range of sounds.  

      This bridge comes in three different sizes so that you can pick the exact size that will suit your guitar. Installation is a bit more complicated than in the other bridges on this list, but it’s still simpler than most bridges. The rosewood material is tough and imparts durability to the bridge so that it won’t get worn down with consistent use. It also holds the strings in place well, allowing them to hold a tune for a long time. 

      The best part of this package is its price. This bridge truly feels like a premium, top-of-the-line accessory that advanced users or professionals could use. However, its price is one of the lowest on this list! The features this bridge offers, along with its low price point, means that any serious classical guitar player should consider it as an option. 

    • Good sound quality
    • The quality of the material used is excellent
    • Elegant look
    • Durable body
    • Allows the strings to hold tune for a long time
    • Installation is difficult

    Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the best guitar bridges of the year, it’s time to decide which one to go with. However, guitar bridges are very intricate and require a lot of careful consideration before you make a purchase. 

      While the best guitar bridges massively improve the guitar playing experience, bad guitar bridges can negatively affect it just as much. Removal can also be difficult, so it’s best to be confident in your decision before you make a purchase. 

      To help you out, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide. 

    How to check for compatibility

    Guitars are some of the most varied and complex instruments in the world. There are an almost countless number of different models and types of guitars. Even bridges meant to have as wide a range of compatibility as possible don’t fit all of these different guitar models. 

      That’s why it’s so important to make sure that a bridge you’re interested in is compatible with your guitar.  

      There are multiple levels of compatibility; some are broad while others are narrow. You should first check which kind of guitar the bridge is made for. We’ve mentioned bridges for bass guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars in this list. For example, you won’t be able to use an electric guitar bridge on a bass guitar, so make sure you’re getting a bridge that fits your guitar type. 

      Another thing to look out for is the spacing on the bridge. Different guitars have different spacing measurements between strings, and this information can easily be checked if you look up the model of your guitar online. You just have to make sure the spacing on the bridge you’re interested in is as close as possible to that of your guitar before you buy it. 

      Brand name bridges such as those made by Fender usually have a list of guitar models compatible with. This information streamlines the research process quite a bit since you just need to check if the model of your guitar is featured in the list.  

      However, generic bridges don’t feature these lists. In this case, you will need to check the measurements. 

    How to tell if a bridge is a good fit for you

    There are many aspects of a guitar bridge, and these qualities are tailored to suit different tastes. Some bridges value a low cost over sound quality, while others raise the price to maximize durability and sound quality. Some bridges are made of bone, while others are made of metal. You have to keep an eye out for many other differences. 

      If you’re a beginner looking to instantly boost the sound quality of your guitar without investing too much time or money, check out some of the cheaper items on our list. These bridges are made to appeal to beginners and have a low cost with good value for money, and are, crucially, easy to install. 

      If you’re looking to improve the performance of your guitar and you’re not worried about a difficult installation or spending a lot of money, the higher end of guitar bridges is where you should look. 

      There are also different material types, all of which have a subtle influence on the tone and sound of the guitar.  

    Weighing price vs quality of guitars bridge

    Weighing the price tag of an item with the value it offers is one of the most difficult things to do when making a purchase. When there are so many quality options, it’s difficult to settle for the one that will benefit you the most. 

      If you’re a beginner guitarist, you will benefit the most from buying a cheaper guitar bridge. The cheap guitar bridges on this list are great for beginners and have important features such as good sound quality, durability, and an easy installation process.  

      If you’re an experienced player looking for a bridge that will bring out the best in your guitar and you as a musician, then you need to set your sights higher. The most important feature of a guitar bridge at this level is the sound quality, and just by researching the options we’ve provided, it’s clear that the best guitar bridges at the high end all heavily focus on sound quality and durability. 

    Common Questions About Guitar Bridges

    How much should I spend on a guitar bridge?

    Guitar bridges are usually cheap, but the best guitar bridges can raise the price by a lot due to the money invested in making them perform as good as possible. Typically you can expect to be set back $10-50 if you invest in a good guitar bridge, but the best guitar bridges occasionally go as high as $70-100. 

    Which companies produce the best guitar bridges?

    Many well-known companies produce quality guitar bridges. Some of these companies include Fender, Blisstime, Hipshot, and KAISH. 

    Is a guitar bridge that important?

    The guitar bridge is one of the most integral parts of the guitar. It has several roles to play, and you can only truly appreciate the effect a good guitar bridge has once it has worn down.  

      It has some important jobs, such as keeping the strings in place, holding them tightly, and making sure they stay in tune. Bridges also affect the sound quality and tone of the guitar. This effect is noticeable if you use bridges that have differing materials. Some bridges offer a bright tone, while others offer a heavier, clearer one. 

      The best guitar bridges will massively improve your enjoyment of the guitar. These bridges also last a long time and are great additions to any guitar. So, if you’re looking for a replacement guitar bridge, you should only settle for the best. 

    Should I install a guitar bridge myself?

    Guitar bridges are intricately designed, and their installation is usually difficult. In the hands of an inexperienced user, installing a bridge can result in irreparable damage to the guitar and other parts, such as the strings.  

      Trained professionals should ideally install guitar bridges. However, everyone starts somewhere, so if you want to try it yourself, you should consider some beginner guitar bridges that are made to be easy to install. Installing these bridges is simple and can be attempted with little prior experience.  

    Enjoy Your New Guitar Bridge

    Guitar bridges are some of the most overlooked yet integral parts of any guitar. In this list, we’ve provided you with 8 excellent options that will improve the quality of your guitar and the enjoyment you feel when playing it. 

      Our pick for the best guitar bridge on this list is the Seismic Audio Electric Guitar Bridge. This bridge packs in many important features at a low cost. The sound and build quality are excellent, fit for use at the highest levels of play. It has a wide range of compatibility, and knowledgeable users will install this bridge on any electric guitar they find. 

      The price is low, and the value for money is high. For the quality it offers, this bridge is an incredible option. 

      That being said, all of the other bridges on this list are high quality. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new guitar bridge today! 

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