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The 6 Best Carbon Fiber Guitars on the Market in 2022

There comes a point in every guitarist’s life where the same old guitars don’t cut it anymore, when they want something new and exciting. It can get monotonous playing on slightly different variations of the same kind of guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric, not to mention the inconvenience of carrying these hefty guitars everywhere whenever you travel. This is where the carbon fiber guitar comes in.

Do you find yourself facing these annoyances? Do you wish you had a guitar that was fresh and exciting, along with being easy to carry? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the most popular and sought-after carbon fiber guitars on the market.

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    Why you should consider carbon fiber guitar?

    best carbon fiber guitar

    Best carbon fiber acoustic guitars are rapidly gaining popularity due to the many benefits they have. Not only are they durable, stylish, and elegant, but they also differentiate themselves significantly from standard electric and acoustic guitars, allowing guitarists who use them to stand out in a crowd.

    The best carbon fiber guitars you can buy

    The Black Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic Guitar is one of the most popular guitars in its class, made by KLOS, who specializes in carbon fiber guitar versions of wooden instruments like guitars and ukuleles. It is fashionable, lightweight and ergonomic, and has been developed by a tenured brand that has been in this business for years.

    It boasts a body made out of nothing but carbon fiber and a neck made of mahogany, which KLOS describes as “premium.” This neck can also be easily removed, requiring just 4 screws to be unscrewed. The guitar comes with a stand and a bag with special compartments for different guitar parts.

    It is also incredibly light, sitting at just 2.88 lbs., with a great weight-to-height ratio. This guitar is all built around the idea of making it as easy to carry as possible, and these specifications illustrate just how easy it would be.

    However, the main consideration we have to make is this: does it sound good? All signs point to yes. KLOS describes the sound of this guitar as “very rich, loud and resonant” and claims that the audio experience is favorably comparable to traditional wooden guitars of leading companies. Though it keeps traveling convenience in mind, this KLOS guitar does not sacrifice the sonics.

    • Competitively priced at $925
    • Made by an established brand
    • Convenient to use and carry
    • Rich and deep sound quality, suitable for use by professionals
    • Eye-catching design
    • Comes with many accessories bundled in
    • No apparent cons.

    The LAVA ME 2 is the follow-up to the popular LAVA ME, which was also a carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar. This one is touted as a significant improvement over the original.

    The design is eye-catching, with vibrant colors and a sleek design and logo, which is unlike anything else on the market. The ME 2 will turn the most heads of all the guitars on this list. Its neck is known as the “Fly+” neck, which according to Lava, was “designed by tracking the different forces of shifting positions while players are playing.” This makes for a more ergonomic and comfortable experience for playing overall.

    The ME 2 can also be played electrically without an amp since the guitar can use the FreeBoost technology with the L2 pickups to essentially use them as speakers, making travel much easier for people who are tired of lugging around an amp with them constantly.

    Lava dubs its formulation of carbon fiber AirSonic, and it incorporates the same stiffness as regular carbon fiber but with 70% of the weight. Reviewers laud this guitar’s impressive tone, dynamic range, and consistency while at the same time comparing it favorably with wooden guitars. Add the portability and focus on convenience and the traditional advantages of carbon fiber guitars, such as having a low weight, and you have a strong case for the LAVA ME 2.

    • Well priced at $799
    • Strong emphasis on comfort and ease of use
    • Vibrant colors and striking design that will turn heads
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Good sound quality
    • Amp is not required
    • The company is not as established
    • Customer support may be lacking

    This carbon fiber guitar offered by Enya is another classy and sleek acoustic-electric guitar. The X4 was developed by Enya Music Inc., a company based in Houston, Texas. The X4 is the newest inline in Enya’s popular X series of guitars, succeeding the X2 and X3.

     Like others on this list, it offers the ability to play it as an electric guitar on the go, using something known as the Enya AcousticPlus pickup system.

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    This system picks up on string vibrations to produce reverb and other effects to emulate playing guitar with an amp. The soundhole, which has been improved upon since the X2 and X3 models, can also function as an EQ.

    The X4 can also be played in acoustic guitars mode, catering to all kinds of guitar players. All of this is packed in a sleek and stylish form factor, with the characteristic striking all-black look you would expect from a carbon fiber guitar.

    The low weight of this instrument coupled with what is essentially a built-in amp makes it the perfect choice for musicians on the go who like to travel light.

    • Considering the features the X4 packs, it is priced quite reasonably at $899
    • Sound quality is excellent, expected of a guitar at this price range
    • Great appearance that will make you stand out in a crowd
    • Lightweight and compact form factor
    • Built-in reverb and amp effect (using AcousticPlus)
    • Customer support is less helpful than many of the established companies on this list
    • Difficult to set up associated programs and services, including software
    • Difficult to find replacement parts

    McPherson is a well-known brand in the field of high-end guitars. They have been constructing exotic, beautiful wooden guitars for years before finally venturing into the carbon fiber guitar space in 2014. Their latest effort is the McPherson Touring Carbon Guitar.

    This guitar caters mainly to dedicated musicians who need a durable and trustworthy guitar to take on a tour. Its carbon fiber body enables its great size-to-mass ratio, and its slender neck and fine-tuned action mean almost all guitar players will be comfortable with playing it out of the box.

    Besides the trademark durability and low density that guitars of this category offer, McPherson Guitars have paid special attention to how this guitar sounds. It is meant to be a guitar for professionals, and playing it perfectly illustrates this point as it has a full, rich, and incredibly clear sound that is very close to the traditional wooden guitars everyone loves.

    The truss rod is non-adjustable, so professionals can play this guitar for hours at a time daily for months without ever having to adjust the rod since it stays aligned the whole time.

    The design is more toned down and less flashy than others on this list, but in a way that feels mature. It functions equally as well as an art piece as it does an instrument.

    • Excellent sound quality
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Tuned perfectly out of the box
    • Great customer support, the brand is established
    • Beautiful design
    • The truss rod stays aligned indefinitely
    • Comes with 2 different cases
    • High cost coming in at $2699

    The Journey Instruments Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is a top-of-the-line guitar developed by Journey Guitars. It is lightweight and portable, with a special focus on ease of travel, hence the name.

    This guitar has the potential to be a traveling musician’s best friend. Thanks to Journey’s patented detachable neck, the Travel Guitar can be easily disassembled in under 20 seconds, packed in the complimentary bag, and lugged around. Disassembling is easy, requiring you to unscrew just one screw.

    It is also extremely comfortable, fitting snugly into the player’s lap and the shape of the neck complements that of the hand quite well. Its carbon fiber body makes it feel almost weightless, ensuring you can play it for hours at a time.

    However, the most important quality of any guitar is the sound, and Journey instruments didn’t skimp out on it. Sound is rich and detailed, with a distinct timber and clear tone that will satisfy any serious musician. The Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar also offers a wider range of customization for different types of playing.

    • Good ergonomic design that is comfortable in any hands
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Stylish, classic all-black look
    • Lightweight and easily disassembled
    • Durable and weather-resistant
    • Comes with a padded travel case
    • A bit pricey at $1400
    • Needs to be set up properly after unboxing
    • No adjustable sound settings on the guitar itself

    One of the biggest visual standouts on this list, the Emerald Guitars X20 is one of the most beautifully designed instruments on this list.

    It offers a clear and technically perfect sound that greatly resembles that of a wooden guitar. Many customers have made it clear how good it feels to play the X20 and hold it in their lap or in their hands.

    The unique soundhole gives a powerful full-spectrum projection to the player and the audience. It also has an LR Baggs Element Active System VTC acoustic pickup system.

    This carbon fiber guitar weighs just 2 kgs, or 4.4 lbs., and includes the usual benefits of a body purely made out of carbon fiber. The X20 is extremely durable, resistant to all kinds of dents and scratches while only weighing a fraction of the weight of similar guitars.

    This guitar has a high gloss finish on all surfaces and can be fully customized on Emerald Guitars’ website. Emerald Guitars aim to cater to all kinds of personal tastes and preferences with the X20.

    It features an ergonomic design that allows it to sit comfortably in the player’s lap, and the asymmetrical design allows it to be perfectly balanced in such a position. The neck has a side contour making it comfortable to grip.

    • Elegant and customizable design
    • Ergonomic form factor which is comfortable to play and hold for hours at a time
    • Rich and detailed sound suitable for professionals
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Weather and physical damage resistant
    • Quite expensive, starting at $2400 going up to $4000+ depending on how much it is customized
    • Only available in physical shops or through the company’s website

    The pros of having a carbon fiber guitar

    • Using these guitars offers a host of advantages, some of which are below:
    • Due to the low density of carbon fiber, especially when compared to other popular materials such as metal or wood, carbon fiber guitars are extremely light, making them easy on the shoulders and significantly easier to travel with.
    • Carbon fiber is inherently extremely durable.
    • Carbon fiber is also extremely hard and rigid. The shape of the guitar won’t change significantly over time. Yes, this means no more DIY truss rod adjustments or having to take your guitar to a technician.
    • Carbon fiber guitars don’t wear easily, so they’ll be less affected due to weather and the elements, and you can show off your guitar skills in the rain.
    • Carbon fiber produces a clearer tone than wood.
    • Carbon fiber guitars are usually quite eye-catching, whether it’s the trademark black look of the material or a different approach some companies opt for.
    best carbon fiber guitars

    Best Carbon Fiber Guitar Buyer’s Guide

    There are a lot of good carbon fiber guitars out there, and it can be difficult to decide between them. What’s the point of having a carbon fiber guitar? How will I benefit from owning one? There’s a lot of information out there, so we’ve summarized some of the most important points you’ll need to decide on a purchase.

    Picking a suitable carbon guitar

    It’s important to judge whether or not a carbon fiber guitar fits in your life.

    Do you find yourself wanting to play the guitar for hours but eventually feeling tiredness in your hands and discomfort from holding it for so long? Do you travel frequently? Or maybe you love playing outdoors, but it frequently rains where you are, or it’s too hot and dry.

    The carbon fiber guitar is specially designed to alleviate all of these complaints, offering durability and weather resistance, and an excellent weight-to-height ratio, owing to the low density of carbon fiber.

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    If you ever wish to deal with all of these issues at once, the best carbon fiber guitars are for you.

    Picking the right carbon fiber acoustic guitar

    In the burgeoning carbon fiber guitar market, consumers are spoiled for choice. In a sea of excellent options, it’s important to discern which one is the best fit for you.

    In the lower range of prices for the best carbon fiber guitars, you’ll find many that specifically appeal to the traveling musician. These guitars disassemble easily, have ergonomic and small form factors and can be carried with ease due to their low weight.

    Higher-priced carbon fiber guitars attempt to address a big complaint many have with guitars in this category: inferior sound when compared to wooden guitars. Here you’ll find guitars that are expertly tuned by some of the biggest names in the business, offering professional quality sound out of the box.

    Customers who frequently travel and want a road companion or have frequent gigs may find the lower-priced, convenience-oriented best carbon fiber guitars more appealing. Audiophiles and stout professionals may prefer the pricier but sonically deeper high-end guitars.

    FAQs about carbon fibre guitars

    What should my budget for a carbon fiber guitar be?

    Carbon fiber guitars will cost you anywhere from $700 to $4000.

    The typical customer will prefer a more palatable price which is closer to the $1000 mark, and guitars at this price range are still very convenient and well made, with excellent sound quality.

    How will I benefit from playing a best carbon travel guitar?

    Carbon fiber guitars are typically user-friendly, with an emphasis on ergonomics. They are easy to hold and play and are often ready to play out of the box, requiring a slight setup process in some cases.

    They are lightweight and compact and often easy to disassemble. They can be carried easily and are convenient to travel with.

    The durability of the material ensures a long-lasting life, and users can toss the instrument around worry-free as carbon fiber guitars are also shock resistant.

    How long will my best carbon guitar last?

    Due to the durable nature of the material and the general rigidity it provides to the guitar body, guitars made from carbon fiber are extremely long-lasting.

    They are very tough and well made, and proper care and responsible usage could see them last for years, if not decades.

    Can I play my carbon fibre guitar in the rain?

    can i play guitar on the rain

    Yes. Carbon fiber is weather-resistant, so you can play in any weather conditions, whether it be scorching heat, snow, rain, or anything in between.

    One of the main benefits of owning a carbon fiber guitar is the ability to play it any time, in any climate, without having to worry about damaging it.

    Is the high price worth it or ?

    Considering the detailed sound, excellent builds and beautiful designs, the price can easily be justified.

    Many high-end guitars cost thousands of dollars, compared to best carbon fiber guitars that start from around $700 and are basically guaranteed to last years and years, especially with proper care.

    The material’s sturdy design and rigid nature mean there are fewer technical faults, too; users can play these guitars for months without the neck needing to be realigned or the truss rod to be adjusted.

    Do best carbon fiber acoustic guitar sound good?

    Reviewers have consistently praised the rich and detailed sound of these guitars. They are playable at even a professional level. Most users will frankly not be able to tell a clear difference between carbon fiber guitar and wooden acoustic guitar.

    However, some audiophiles do contend that they sound different compared to traditional wooden guitar. This is just a minor complaint, and many have come to prefer the unique sound of carbon fiber guitars over their traditional counterparts.

    Carbon Fiber Guitars Conclusion

    Carbon fiber guitars are fresh and exciting and look to be a great prospect for many guitar players. Whether it’s the durability, the unique sound, the ease of transport or just the toughness and weather resistance they offer, it’s clear to see why so many consumers and manufacturers have fallen in love with these guitars.

    However, our personal pick would be the KLOS Black Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic Guitar. Its relatively low entry cost makes it appealing to those who want a fresh new guitar without breaking the bank, and it offers robust sonics and excellent build quality.

    Carbon fiber guitars have quickly proven themselves to be reliable and a solid long-term investment for people who don’t want to keep replacing guitars. So what are you waiting for? Buy one today and play some music!

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