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Early Beatles Songs – Recognize Your Favorite Hits

You may have heard early Beatles songs before and not even realized it. The early, early Beatles songs are some of the most iconic tunes in music history, but there are many people who don’t know that these early hits were performed by the fab four. Here’s a list of some of our favorite early Beatle songs!

Which was an early Beatles hit?


Love Me Do”/“PS I Love You” is a Beatles song written by Pete Best and John Lennon.

Love me Do
Love me Do

Love Me Do was the Beatle’s first single and early hits, released in England in October 1962. The song is noted for its classic guitar riff played by George Harrison “PS I Love You” was a hit for the band when it reached U.S # 12 in 1964 after being included as filler on Capitol Records’ USA release of the Beatles’ “Beatles ’65.


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What song did the Beatle’s early days first write?


It’s De-Lovely, a song written by Cole Porter in 1957 in the Beatle’s early days. The Beatle’s first song was “Love Me Do.”

Its De lovely
Its De-lovely

The Beatles first released their album, Please Please me in 1963. The Beatles have many more albums that are worth mentioning: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Revolver, and Abbey Road.

What was the early Beatles first #1 hit?



The early Beatle’s first #big hit was a cover of the recent American release “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. This hit was released on January 18, 1964, and was the Beatle’s third single of their career. What remained a secret to many people is that they were not just lip-syncing to this song for an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; John Lennon had flown back from Greece a few days earlier and recorded his vocals in time!

Who was the coolest Beatle?


Ringo Starr, the drummer of The Beatles, is often considered to be the coolest Beatle. Ringo was not as flashy or charismatic as his bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney but he had a great sense of humor that allowed him to get away with things like wearing rings on every finger.

This may seem trivial, but it does show how much his bandmates liked him and were willing to protect his image. Ringo also had a great sense of style, was not afraid to go outside the box with clothing choices, and he always seemed like the most down-to-earth Beatle.

Ringo has been said many times that George Harrison is considered by many as the coolest Beatle. There can be many reasons for this, but the main one is that George was a stellar guitarist while also being very humble and down-to-earth throughout his life.

Ringo Starr and Harrison
Ringo Starr and Harrison

George did not like to take credit for what he achieved or who he knew which made him even more endearing to fans. He would often play guitar in such a way that Paul McCartney was the only one who knew it was him, a true sign of his humility.

George is also seen as more attractive by many females than any other member of The Beatles which can certainly be attributed to his charming personality and good looks. Who wouldn’t want to date George Harrison?


The Best Early Beatles Songs


The Night Before


– The Night Before The Beatles was written in 1963 and released on the album “Beatles for Sale.” This song is about a guy who meets up with his girlfriend at her house. Things start out well but then move downhill as he realizes that she has another man over there with her. He leaves before things get worse. The song is very fast-paced and the guitar in it is especially excellent, with a slide solo that wouldn’t feel out of place on an early Rolling Stones track. The vocal harmonies are also amazing as they trade off lines throughout the piece.

– The Night Before The Beatles was written by John Lennon who wrote this after he had a fight with Cynthia. The song was inspired by his memories of the time before they were married and he thought that if only he could go back to this earlier point in their relationship, then things would be better. The lyrics are not explicit and instead focus on nostalgia for a former love.

She Loves You


It’s been 50 years since She Loves You was released, and the song is still going strong. The Beatles are one of the most popular bands in history, but She Loves You has to be their biggest hit. It topped charts all over North America and Europe for weeks after its release on October 16th, 1963 before being knocked off by I Want to Hold Your Hand. She Loves You is still a popular song today, and you’ll often hear it at weddings during the reception or even on karaoke night with friends.

The lyrics are about an unnamed person telling another person that they know that their love for them will never die because she loves them too much. She tells them that she needs their love and wants her arms around his neck, even though it’s not always easy. She also says that they need to share all the things they see together in order for it to work out between them.

She Loves You is an iconic song because of its beautiful lyrics and catchy melody.



The Beatles Yesterday is a perfect example of what the early Beatles songs were all about. It has that strong, catchy opening chord to it and lyrics you can sing along with while tapping your foot on the ground. Yesterday is always popular for weddings because it’s a song everyone knows and likes!

The first thing I remember hearing this was in elementary school when my teacher put it on the classroom’s stereo system. Yesterday is a staple of any classic rock playlist because it always makes people feel good.

I love Yesterday so much that I have this song as my alarm sound! It wakes me up every morning and reminds me to be happy in whatever moment I’m living in.

I Feel Fine


In I Feel Fine, the Beatles have a lot of fun with their lyrics. For example: “I’m feeling fine” is repeated over and over in various ways as a way to convey how good they feel about themselves. I think this song has always been one of my favorites because I can’t help but smile when I hear it!

I Want To Hold Your Hand


I Want To Hold Your Hand is a song recorded by The Beatles and featured on their 1963 album I want to hold your hand. I Want To Hold Your Hand was written in 1962 as part of the band’s first recording session, held at EMI Studios in London. It contains John Lennon’s double-tracked vocals with Paul McCartney doing the harmony vocal. I Want To Hold Your Hand is a song about the desire to make contact with someone and was written by John Lennon in response to his sometimes strained relationship with Paul McCartney at that time.

A Hard Day’s Night


A Hard Day’s Night is a song originally performed by English rock band the Beatles for their 1964 US debut album A Hard Day’s Night. Written primarily by John Lennon, with contributions from Paul McCartney and featuring vocals from both singers, it was released on July 30 as the A-side of their first single in North America after three years without new releases. The A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack, also includes instrumental and orchestral music written by George Martin.

The song is one of only two Beatles songs (the other being Can’t Buy Me Love) that were released as a single before the release of an album containing it. In September 1964, A Hard Day’s Night became their first number one hit in the United States. A Hard Day’s Night is ranked number 298 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and has been covered by many artists, including Bon Jovi for a 1987 TV special.

She Loves You


What would the Beatles be without She Loves You? This song was one of their first to break into mainstream culture, and it remains a favorite. She loves you is also known as “yeah yeah yeah” in certain circles. It’s rock-and-roll simplicity at its best: three chords that repeat throughout with different lyrics sung by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. She Loves You was written by John Lennon with the assistance of George Harrison for Ringo Starr to sing. Why? Because he loved her, too!

This song is so popular that it’s been covered countless times over the course of pop history including punk rock versions from The Clash in 1977 and a funk-rock version by Rick James in 1979.

And I Love Her


Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote And I Love Her for the Beatles’ 1964 album “A Hard Day’s Night.”

– The song is written in a higher key than most of their other songs. This is because it was originally intended as a lullaby to try and make George Harrison feel better when he felt left out by his fellow band members – who often used him as the butt of their jokes. And I Love Her was written while he and Lennon were in a taxi on the way to some recording session

– And I Love Her is one of The Beatles’ best-known ballads – they played it throughout the world during their 1964 tour, including at Shea Stadium’s opening night concert which had been postponed for two days due to the transit strike in New York. And I Love Her was also one of the few Beatles songs played by McCartney at his 2011 show on Broadway.

Ticket To Ride


Beatles’ songs are some of the most iconic in history. Ticket To Ride is one such example, not just for its catchy tune but also because it was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney when they were still writing songs on their own.

The song’s lyrics are about a man who has traveled away from his lover to find himself, only to return with the realization that he does not want to live without her. Ticket To Ride, while originally appearing on ‘Help!’ is also featured as the eighth song in The Beatles‘ album ‘Abbey Road’.

I Saw Her Standing There

I Saw Her Standing There is one of the earliest Beatles songs I know of. I heard it when I was little so I don’t remember very much about the first time I listened to it, but I do remember that this song is catchy and fun.

Can’t Buy Me Love


It’s not quite Can-Can, but it has a similar upbeat tempo and the same French feel. The song is about love as an ineffable emotion that can’t be bought with money or any other commodity. It’s a sweet tune sung by Lennon to McCann who was his girlfriend at the time of its release; she was also seen in the Can’t Buy Me Love music video.

The song was written by Lennon who had a tough time coming up with lyrics for it, so he turned to Paul McCartney and asked him what they should write about. McCartney told Lennon that “I think we ought to just talk about love really.” So John wrote Can’t Buy Me Love and Can’t Buy Me Love became the first song in their Beatles For Sale album.


Early Beatles Songs Conclusion:


Early Beatles songs are some of the most iconic pieces in popular music history. But it’s interesting to know that these classic tunes were not always perfect right from the start. In fact, many early versions of their greatest hits sound drastically different than what we all come to know and love today! This is a testament to how important polishing your work can be for creating something truly special. Have you polished your own creative projects? Maybe it’s time you take another look at them and consider giving them one more go-round with fresh eyes or a new perspective.

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