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6 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits for Beginners in 2022

Are you looking for the best electric guitar starter kits? Guitars are some of the most popular instruments worldwide. Millions of people use them every day, some as a hobby, some to pass the time, and some even play the guitar as a job. Wherever you travel globally, you’re likely to find someone who plays the guitar.

A variant of the guitar, the lightest electric guitar, is also extremely popular. This instrument is a staple of hundreds of thousands of songs, and some of the most popular genres on the planet, including rock n’ roll, pop, hip-hop, etc. Its role in some of the most iconic songs in rock n’ roll especially is one of the main factors in its popularity today. Due to this popularity and overwhelming demand, companies have started producing the best electric guitars starter kits for very cheap prices.

As time goes on, more and more people are becoming curious about the electric guitar, its variants and how it is played. Companies have taken note, and now anyone who wants to learn the electric guitar can buy them at bargain prices.

In this article, we’ve gathered what we think are the best electric guitar starter packs you can currently buy, so without further ado, let’s get into it.
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The first entry on our list is one of the best electric guitar starter packs available for purchase and is manufactured by the world-famous Fender.

Fender is a name known by virtually every musician, thanks to the incredible and iconic guitars they’ve produced over several decades.

Fender has leveraged this popularity to become one of the biggest guitar manufacturers on earth, selling anything and everything related to guitars, including tuning pegs, electric guitar amps, strings, etc. If you buy from Fender, you know the product you’re getting will be up to a certain standard.

This bundle comes with everything a beginner will need to start their musical journey. The guitar included in the bundle is the Fender Stratocaster. The Stratocaster is a cheap guitar that feels premium in everything, from build quality to sound and everything in between.

The sound is precise and sharp, and the strings are comfortable to play and don’t need to be tuned too much out of the box. The design is unique and eye-catching, sporting a body painted in contrasting colors of blue and white. The body is also quite durable and doesn’t pick up dents or scratches easily.

This bundle also comes with the Squier guitar amp, something which is necessary to play any electric guitar. This amp comes with a host of modes but is easy to operate, so beginners will never be lost. When you gain familiarity with the amp and the guitar, you can explore the rest they offer.

There is also a 3-month subscription to Fender Play included in the kit, which includes beginner classes, so you’ll have help every step of the way. This is especially appealing when you consider the fact that 3 months of consistent learning can get you quite close to the intermediate stage.


  • Manufacturer is well-known
  • Guitar sounds and feels great
  • Included amp is high quality
  • 3-month subscription to Fender Play included
  • Customer support is excellent
  • Price is higher than others on this list

Next, we have one of the cheapest and best electric guitar starter packs on this list, made by LyxPro.

LyxPro is a lesser-known guitar manufacturer specializing in making cheap guitar starter kits and guitars for beginners and intermediates, including smaller-sized guitars for children. The electric guitar starter kits they produce usually maximize the value for money the customer is getting, and this bundle is no exception.

This kit includes a 39-inch electric guitar perfect for beginners and intermediates and can even be used by kids. The design is understated but still eye-catching, with the body featuring a simple combination of black and white.

The guitar is made of premium-feeling materials, such as a fretboard made of premium rosewood and a neck made of Canadian maple.

However, since this is a cheap guitar that appeals to beginners, the sound quality won’t blow you away.

It is more than good enough for beginners and perfectly suitable for intermediates, especially with proper maintenance and periodic string replacement, but there will likely come the point when this guitar needs to be replaced. Luckily, the price is so low that replacing it isn’t such a hard pill to swallow.

There is also an included 20-watt amp, which is simple and easy to use if not packed with features. The amp includes enough controls over the volume and EQ of the guitar that most guitarists will be satisfied with. There is also a headphone jack for silent practice.

LyxPro has included a user’s guide in this kit, which it claims is perfect for showing the ropes to beginners.

  • Included amp is solid and easy to use for beginners
  • User’s guide is helpful
  • Low price
  • Excellent value for money
  • A wide range of accessories included
  • Guitar has a middling sound
  • Manufacturer is not well-known

The Donner DST-102R electric guitar kit is one of the best electric guitar starter packs for beginners. Everything is designed specifically to appeal to beginners, from the light body to the comfortable neck and strings to the amp, which is simple to set up and use.

Since 2012, Donner has steadily been gaining popularity for the array of guitars that they’ve manufactured, from beginner to high-end ones and everything in between. However, their most popular products are their cheap beginner kits.

Donner has used all that experience to make a starter kit that contains as much as they can possibly fit while still keeping the cost low.

The included guitar is 39 inches, perfect for beginners and children. The design is flashy in an understated way, with a red-and-white body.

The included 102R electric guitar is made of premium materials, such as a body made of solid African Basswood, a high gloss finish on all surfaces, and tuning pegs made of steel. The pegs are also quite strong and durable, being able to hold tune for long periods, so you won’t have to keep tuning the guitar over and over.

Once again, however, the sound is nothing to write home about. Though it is sharp and clear enough for beginners and intermediates to use, expect to have to replace the 102R eventually. However, since the price is low, a purchase can be justified even if the guitar doesn’t have longevity.

You can also increase the guitar’s lifespan with proper care and string changes. The onboard controls and included amp offer enough customization of the guitar’s sound that you can tailor it to your tastes quite easily.

  • Included amp is good
  • Price is low
  • Good value for money
  • Donner has a good customer support
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Guitar has no longevity

The next entry on this list is an electric guitar starter kit produced by Best Choice Products.

Even if this manufacturer is not respected on the same level as a Fender or a Yamaha, or even a Donner, it’s quite famous, and you’ve likely seen some of its products on Google or Amazon. That’s for a good reason.

Best Choice Products specializes in producing cheap and easy-to-use instruments for beginners, and they’ve created some of the best electric guitar starter packs for under $200.

The guitar is ready to play out of the box and needs minimal tuning and other adjustments before you can play it with an optimal setup. The style is flashy, with a blue and white body and black complements. Tuning pegs are well-made, and they hold onto tune quite well, so you won’t need to tinker with them before each playing session.

The body is well-made and feels more expensive than it is. However, the paint is cheap and can chip off if mishandled, but most guitarists likely won’t see this as an issue. The action is also a bit high, which is a problem since the truss rod is difficult to adjust.

Besides these complaints, the guitar sounds good for the price point and can be compared to guitars that are twice as expensive. There are onboard controls and a tremolo bridge system, which, when combined with the EQ controls found on the amp, can turn this guitar into one of the most versatile on this list.

This electric guitar pack also contains many accessories, all of which beginners and intermediates alike will find convenient. When you factor all of this in, along with the cheap price and the playability of the guitar, you have one of the best electric guitar packs on the market which cater to beginners.

  • Price is very low
  • Good value for money
  • Guitar sounds good and is versatile
  • Tremolo bridge system makes playing the guitar much more fun
  • Amp is good for the price
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Paint on the guitar chips off easily
  • Action is high and not easy to adjust

This guitar for beginners made by Epiphone is more expensive than many others on this list but also sets its sights higher.

Epiphone has a reputation for making quality, cheap guitars that are useable at all levels, evident from this package.

This electric guitar starter kit contains a Les Paul Special-2 LTD guitar. The LTD has outstanding sound quality and a general premium feel. The LTD has a few color options, but our favorites are the stylish flashy sunburst and the classic all-black finishes. Whichever one you choose, expect to turn heads wherever you take this guitar.

The LTD has excellent sound quality and clean tones, with great mid-to-lows and a clear, popping tone. Due to the great number of customization options, you can tailor your guitar to sound however you like.

The LTD features rugged and well-made tuners and keeps tune longer than most of the other guitars on this list. The strings that are already attached to the guitar are also excellent, and you won’t need to replace them anytime soon, provided you give the LTD proper care.

The body is tough and made of premium-feeling materials, which lends it its stylish look and improves toughness and durability.

  • Good value for money
  • Guitar has a flashy design
  • Amp is packed with features
  • Sound quality of the guitar is excellent
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Price is high compared to other kits on this list

Pyle’s guitar is another cheap option accessible to many guitar players, thanks to its low price. 

The included guitar is beautiful, and clearly, a lot of thought has gone into its design. It has the kind of look that guitars used by rockers typically have. The body is constructed by premium solid Pawlonia wood, and the fretboard is made of Canadian Maple and artificial, high-density wood.

This solid-body electric guitar construction, along with the glossy finish on all surfaces, means that the guitar doesn’t pick up scratches or dents easily.

The stock tuning pegs are robust and hold onto tune very well, so you won’t need to tinker with the tune too much after you’ve already done it once.

The included amplifier could be considered basic, but it’s a good deal at such a low price. It contains volume options and sound modifiers, including bass, treble, and drive switch controls. This will be more than enough for most beginners and intermediates.

The guitar also sounds quite good and can be compared to guitars that are much more expensive.

This kit also contains a complimentary 2 month-long subscription to, a site containing music online lessons. While this subscription is not the most exciting prospect, it’s better than nothing.

  • Good value for money
  • Guitar has stunning looks
  • Guitar is durable and has rich, detailed sound
  • Amp has enough features for beginners and intermediates
  • Includes a 2-month subscription to
  • None

Buyer’s Guide

Buying an electric guitar can be a difficult decision, for the simple fact that there are hundreds of options, all of which are appealing in their own right.

In this list, we’ve been able to narrow it down to 6, but you’ll still need to decide for yourself which one to buy.

The electric guitar pack will all be tempting to buy for their own reasons. Some of them have excellent guitars that look flashy, a wide range of accessories or a low price tag, or even all of these things.

To help you make your decision, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide.

Why you should buy an electric guitar starter pack

The best electric guitar starters pack all have one thing in common: they are extremely convenient for the average consumer.

Starter kits are simply the easiest and best way to buy electric guitars if you’re not an expert or very knowledgeable on the subject. Buying kits from companies you trust gets you not just a guitar but more or less everything you’ll need to play that guitar, all for one fee.

One of the most annoying parts of shopping for guitars is the amount of research involved. You either need to read reviews of each guitar online or enlist the help of a friend who is experienced with guitars to help you with the purchase.

Once you’ve bought a guitar, you’ll need to shop for accessories. First, you’ll need to find an app that works well with your guitar and has all the features you want. After that, you need to look for extra strings, different tuning pegs, tuners, capos, tremolos, and the list goes on. At the end of it all, you can find that you haven’t even saved any money!

Compare that to the best guitar starter packs. These kits contain everything you’ll need for the foreseeable future and a good quality guitar. The included accessories are usually perfectly suited for the guitar, too. The price is not outlandish, and you can find yourself spending similar amounts of money if you buy everything separately.

Deciding between starter kits

Deciding between starter kits is the next important step. There are a few things you have to look for, including the price of the kit, the sound quality of the guitar, the reputation of the manufacturer and the number of accessories included.

If you prefer buying from a more famous brand like Fender, you should be prepared to spend a bit more. Lesser known brands like Best Choice Products will provide more value for money, but many customers can be hesitant to buy a product from them.

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You should put the quality of the guitar and the amp above all else. Spending a bit of extra money will be justified since you’ll likely be spending months, if not years, with the gear you buy.

How to weigh price vs. quality

Weighing price vs. quality is always tricky as the best electric guitar starter pack is always high quality, no matter the price point.

Generally, if you’re looking for a guitar long-term, you should go for a more expensive electric guitar starter kit. The guitars that come bundled in these kits are usually very well made in durability and sound very good.

These higher-quality guitars are useful if you’re either very serious about learning the electric guitar or are already in the intermediate stage. In order to justify the purchase, you would want to learn on the guitar you buy then continue using it through the intermediate stages.

On the other hand, people who are just curious about electric guitars should go for a cheaper kit. This way, you’ll have a guitar with decent sound and a wide range of accessories already included in the kit that you can use through the beginner stage.

If you’re not too serious about learning as much about the electric guitar as possible and just want to play it as a hobby, then these cheaper guitars will do the job just fine.


What can I expect from a typical electric guitar kit?

Typically, you can expect a few things from these starter packs for beginners. 

They usually contain a guitar, an amp, extra strings, a clip-on digital tuner, a guitar strap, a cable, extra picks, and a gig bag, among other things.

Some will go the extra mile and include accessories like a capo or a tremolo which is by no means a staple in these kits.

Some even contain free classes or subscriptions to online websites with guitar lessons in their library. These are always a good bonus but may not be important for those who prefer in-person coaching.

How much should I be willing to pay for a kit?

Some kits are quite expensive, coming close to the $1000 mark. However, most are cheaper than that and will often cost anywhere between $150 and $400.

Which companies make the best kits?

acoustic guitar

Many companies sell kits, but the ones that make the best electric guitar starter pack include Fender, Donner, LyxPro and Epiphone.

Should I buy a kit or get the guitar and its accessories individually?

As previously mentioned, buying a guitar and its accessories individually is a menial task that requires a lot of research and free time. At the very least, you’ll need a musician friend, which not everyone has.

If you do decide to go through with this, however, after all the hours and hard work spent finding a good guitar and suitable accessories, you might find that you spent the same amount of money that you would’ve on an electric guitar starter kit anyway.

These starter packs for beginners also make for excellent gifts. So it’s always a better idea to purchase kits instead of individual parts.

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Can I buy a beginner electric guitar kit even if I’m not a beginner?

You can, and many people do. Since the best electric guitars are convenient, many intermediates buy them whenever they want a new guitar.

Many people prefer to buy multiple accessories from the same company or store, so it makes more sense for them to buy starter kits since all the accessories included are made by these companies.


As you might be able to tell from this list, there are many advantages to buying an electric guitar starter kit; whether it’s the value for money, the convenience factor, or the excellent quality guitars that are usually included, these kits appeal to all musicians, not just beginners.

That being said, our pick would have to go to the Fender Squier Stratocaster starter kit. This kit contains an excellent-sounding guitar, a great guitar amp jam-packed with features, and a wide range of accessories. The guitar is very durable and will hold up for years in top condition if maintained. It may not be the cheapest kit on this list, but it provides the best value for money by far.

It also contains free guitar lessons that Fender has prepared. To top it all off, Fender is a storied manufacturer adored globally and has a history of making solid products. It also has good customer support and an active community ready to answer any of your potential questions on one of the many online guitar forums.

That being said, all of the electric guitar kits on this list are worth your time. So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself one today!

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