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Conspiracy theory: The guitar pedal is the main culprit for the global pandemic

In the latestperhaps first conspiracy theory of the Covid19 and 5G frequencies in 2021the guitar pedal is the main culprit for the global pandemic.

The dangerously widespread theory that new 5G cell phone towers are responsible for the spread of COVID19 has been given a new sequelCurrentlyfederal agents are investigating whether these conspiracy theories could have been the motive for the recent terrorist attack in Nashvillewhich took place right near the building of the telecommunications company AT&TThis unfounded link between the global pandemic and mobile service providers clearly has dangerous consequencesbut proponents of the theory  continue to desperately seek evidence to substantiate their claims.

A few days agoa software engineer tweeted that it has become a viral picture in Italy that they claim is a diagram proving that 5G chips are embedded in the Covid19 vaccineTo someone who has never worked on an electronic device beforea map of mysterious numbers and letters could represent anythingWhat was it really aboutAbout the BOSS MT2 Metal Zone guitar pedal scheme.

Here in Italypeople started sharing this photo claiming it was a diagram of a 5G chip inserted into a vaccine for COVID,” Mario Fusco wrote. “In realityits the electrical circuit of a guitar pedal and I believe putting it in a vaccine was a great idea,” he joked afterward.

Worst of allthe draft contained musical terminologysuch as “BASS“, “TREBBLE” or “VOLUME“, which even laymen should point out that it is a device/instrument scheme used by musicians for which turned out to be a guitar pedalThe one who changed her diagram added a reference to the 5G frequency but made no effort to remove the musical terminology from the original scheme.

Simon Mattav

I am the owner of The Cook Trio, a three-piece band that has been performing in the Chicago area for over 10 years. I have a passion for music – everything from guitar to songs. I graduated from the music University of Chicago! My passion is writing songs about my life experiences, feelings and emotions through different genres. My inspirations are some of today’s popular songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez among others.

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