best acoustic guitars for worship

The 5 best acoustic guitars for worship in 2022

Best acoustic guitars for worship have been reviewed in this guide. So let’s start… Guitars are some of the most popular and widely played instruments globally. Wherever you go, whichever country you travel to, you’ll always find guitarists playing songs in public. Acoustic guitars are also widely used in churches and other religious places worldwide. …

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Best Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars

6 Best Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars

Carbon fiber acoustic guitars are getting increasingly popular and sought after. Since their inception in the 20th Century, they have been slowly but steadily gaining momentum and popularity, until the current day when they have exploded in popularity with the biggest brands and manufacturers trying their hand at designing the best carbon fiber acoustic guitars. …

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best carbon fiber acoustic guitar

The 6 Best Carbon Fiber Guitars on the Market in 2022

There comes a point in every guitarist’s life where the same old guitars don’t cut it anymore, when they want something new and exciting. It can get monotonous playing on slightly different variations of the same kind of guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric, not to mention the inconvenience of carrying these hefty guitars everywhere …

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DIY Guitar Kit: How to Build Electric Guitars

DIY Guitar Kit: How to Build Electric Guitars The Ultimate Guide

If you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for some DIY guitar building tips, then this DIY Guitar Kit review is just for you! This DIY guitar kit will teach you how to build electric guitars. There’s no need to be intimidated by the process of making your own custom electric guitar because it’s actually really easy …

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12 Best Acoustic Electric Guita

12 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar: What to Look For?

The best acoustic-electric guitar is one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, there are some essential factors to consider when buying your first instrument. This blog post will discuss the best acoustic electric guitar brands and what to look for to make sure you get the best value …

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Conspiracy theory: The guitar pedal is the main culprit for the global pandemic

In the latest, perhaps first conspiracy theory of the Covid–19 and 5G frequencies in 2021, the guitar pedal is the main culprit for the global pandemic. The dangerously widespread theory that new 5G cell phone towers are responsible for the spread of COVID–19 has been given a new sequel. Currently, federal agents are investigating whether these conspiracy theories could have been the motive for the recent terrorist attack in Nashville, which took place right near the building of the telecommunications company AT&T. This unfounded link between the global pandemic and mobile service providers clearly has dangerous consequences, but proponents of the theory  continue to desperately seek evidence to substantiate their claims. A few days ago, a software engineer tweeted that it has become a viral picture in Italy that they claim is a diagram proving that 5G chips are embedded in the Covid–19 vaccine. To someone who has never worked on an electronic device before, a map of mysterious numbers and letters could represent anything. What was it really about? About the BOSS MT–2 Metal Zone guitar pedal scheme. “Here in Italy, people started sharing this photo claiming it was a diagram of a 5G chip inserted into a vaccine for COVID,” Mario Fusco wrote. “In reality, it’s the electrical circuit of a guitar pedal and I believe putting it in a vaccine was a great idea,” he joked afterward. Worst of all, the draft contained musical terminology, such as “BASS“, “TREBBLE” or “VOLUME“, which even laymen should point out that it is a device/instrument scheme used by musicians for which turned out to be a guitar pedal. The one who changed her diagram added a reference to the 5G frequency but made no effort to remove the musical terminology from the original scheme.