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11 Must Have Guitar Accessories

Everyone remembers the phase when they first began to learn the guitar. When you’re a beginner, the world of guitars seems vast and difficult to understand. There are so many different guitar models and companies and accessories for these guitars that only fit certain ones and not others. If you find yourself in that phase right now, you’re in luck because, in this article, we’ve listed some of the must-have guitar accessories you’ll need to start your musical journey. 

 Guitar accessories are extremely important and add a lot to the overall playing experience. Almost every intermediate and advanced player has a slew of guitar accessories that they like to change up the sound of the guitar or change how they play it. These accessories only get more and more important as you progress in skill and experience to the point where many of them are seen as essential at the highest levels of guitar playing. 

 The must-have guitar accessories mentioned in this list will go a long way to getting you acclimated with your guitar. These accessories make it much easier to learn on any guitar, and things like adjusting the guitar and tuning the strings are made more convenient if these accessories are used. 

 So, without further ado, here are some must-have guitar accessories that’ll help you learn how to play the guitar. 

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    Must have guitar accessories Reviewed In This Guide


    Best Must have guitar accessories List

    Must have guitar accessories that’ll take you from beginner to rockstar in no time…

    Clip-on Tuner

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    One of the most important accessories every beginner should have is the clip-on tuner. These devices are either analog or digital and help you tune the guitar.  

     Some tuners, especially the digital ones, have automatic string recognition. All you have to do to use these tuners is clip them onto the guitar’s headstock above where the tuning pegs are and pluck one string at a time. 

     The display on the tuner will show the pitch of the string you’re plucking and what its pitch should be. Using this information, you can tune the string until the sound it produces matches the ideal pitch range the tuner displays. 

     These devices allow guitarists to tune their guitars easily and quickly. Clip-on tuners are convenient even for the most experienced guitarists out there because other ways of tuning the strings are less accurate and take much longer.  

     These devices are great for beginners because their interfaces are simple and easy to understand what you have to do. Playing a guitar that’s out of tune is unsatisfying and owning one of these devices is a good way to ensure you’ll never face that problem. 

     Some apps are available on smartphones that also act as tuners, but these are far less accurate and convenient. There are also some methods of tuning the guitar manually without any assistance, but these methods and complicated, lengthy, and need to be performed by guitarists with prior experience. In the end, the clip-on tuner is the best option to go with. 

    This clip-on tuner is worth checking out if you’re interested. It is durable and easy to use while maintaining a low price point. 

    Guitar Picks

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    Guitar picks are perhaps the most common accessory found across guitars. They are used with all guitar types, whether classical, acoustic, or electric, and generally make it easier to play the guitar. 

     Most experienced guitarists and guitar teachers recommend that beginners learn to play the guitar using a pick. A guitar pick is narrow and flexible to be used to strum and pluck strings accurately. Strumming, in particular, is much easier if you’re using a pick. 

     Many people out there are big fans of fingerstyle playing, and you’ll likely have to learn fingerstyle at some point if you want to play some popular songs. However, fingerstyle is more difficult to learn, not to mention that it results in pain in the fingertips. 

     Using a guitar pick also produces brighter, clearer notes that are louder and more distinct. Most guitarists agree that guitar picks are versatile and should be used by all beginners. 

     This collection of picks by Fender contains enough picks to last you a very long time. They are all varied in thickness, so you can pick and choose between them depending on your preferences. 


    Extra Strings

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    Having extra strings is always important. Strings are one of the most integral parts of the guitar, and the quality of the strings used in the guitar has a drastic effect on the sound quality. Good strings result in a clearer and more accurate sound, whereas low-quality strings don’t hold tune, have murky notes, and break easily. 

     All guitar strings have to break at some point. No one has ever been able to use the same set of strings in the long term without having to replace them at some point down the road.  

     Strings can break due to any number of reasons. Repeated use will wear down the strings to the point where they eventually get worn down enough to snap. If the strings aren’t well made, applying too much pressure can also cause them to break. If the guitar isn’t adjusted properly, e.g. if the action is too high, the strings can feel extra pressure which will cause them to snap sooner than expected. Some guitarists also pluck their strings with a lot of force which never helps. 

     If the strings on your guitar snap, you’ll need to replace them. It’s better to have extra strings on hand because if you don’t, you’ll have to take the guitar to a technician and replace the broken strings. If you have extra strings already, you can just replace them yourself and be good to go instantly.  

     A guitar without strings is nothing more than a decoration. For that reason, we consider extra strings to be must-have guitar accessories. These strings are an excellent option if you’re interested. 

    Guitar Strap

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    The guitar strap is another must-have guitar accessory because it only has one function to perform, but it performs that function extremely well. 

     Guitar straps are necessary to anchor the guitar around your neck while you play. This allows the guitar to stay in place without you needing to provide any kind of support to it. In essence, this means that you can play while standing up. 

     Every budding guitarist dreams of playing while standing up in front of a small crowd or group of friends, impressing everyone. It’s far less impressive to sit on a small stool instead. Guitarists may also get tired of sitting around while practicing, which will make them want to stand up and play. None of this is possible without a guitar strap. 

     Most performances, whether professional or amateur, are performed while standing. It’s easier to play the guitar in front of a large group of people like this, not to mention the added convenience it brings of having the option of either standing or sitting.  

     Since guitar straps are so simple with a narrow range of functions, they are also cheap. The price of an average guitar strap is so low that there’s no reason not to get one, even if you’re not planning on performing in a concert any time soon. 

     This strap is an excellent option if you’re looking for something durable that doesn’t have a high price. 

    Gig Bag

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    A “gig bag” is a guitar holder that is usually cheap that also has compartments for many guitar accessories. It’s a must-have guitar accessory because of the simple function it performs: using this bag, you can carry your guitar from point A to point B easily.  

     One of the main issues beginners face after buying a guitar and a few must-have guitar accessories are how they’ll transport all of these items together or keep them stored in a safe place where they can find them easily. A gig bag performs this function for a very low price. 

     Gig bags function as both carrying cases and storage bags. They are great for taking your gear around with you if you’re going somewhere to play, but even when you’re not, you can store other accessories such as guitar cables, picks and extra strings in these bags.  

     As with guitar straps, gig bags are usually very cheap, and considering the conveniences they offer, a purchase should be automatic. 

     This gig bag made by CAHAYA is one of the best you can buy right now. 

    Guitar Stand

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    Guitar stands are important accessories that perform one small function but solve an important issue that most people face. When you’re not using the guitar, where do you keep it? Some people leave it on the floor, on a desk or a bed, or even leaning precariously against a wall. However, this is less than ideal and can result in some damage to the guitar. 

     You’ll be less willing to store your guitar like this if you own a high-end guitar. Guitar stands are a must-have guitar accessory because they prop up guitars and keep them upright in a safe position. The centre of gravity is low, so the guitar is always stable, and things like accidental brushes or even house pets won’t be able to tip the guitar over. 

     Stands are also useful if you have a collection of guitars. Experienced guitarists usually have a wide range of gear, including several instruments they switch between during jamming sessions or between them. If you keep these instruments on guitar stands, picking them up is easy and using them is even easier since some stands leave enough room on the bottom that these instruments can remain plugged in using a guitar cable while they are on the stand. 

     Another common use case for guitar stands is to show off your collection to anyone who is watching. If you’re a gearhead, you’ll want to keep your prized possessions on display so everyone can be jealous of you. The only way to do this is using guitar stands. 

     As with some other must-have guitar accessories, the price of guitar stands is usually low, so a purchase can easily be justified. 

     If you’re in the market for a new guitar stand, this one is an excellent option. 

    Guitar Capo

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    Guitar capos are accessories that have a wide range of uses. Experienced guitarists can best use capos since their function is more complex than some beginners will be comfortable with. 

    The function of a capo is to change the guitar’s pitch without you need to tune it. Although most guitars are tuned to the standard pitch, some songs use different pitches to produce varied sounds. If you want to play these songs, you’ll have to retune the entire guitar to ensure it’s in line with the song. Or, you can use a capo. 

    Guitar capos are clamped around the neck of the guitar so that they hold the strings down against the fretboard. When a capo has been attached, it becomes the new anchor point for the strings at the top, replacing the nut. This results in a new range of possible notes available to the player, all by quickly attaching a small device.  

     Capos are widely used because they are so simple yet so effective. Having a capo in your arsenal means that you’re ready to play any kind of song at a moment’s notice without needing to tune your guitar. Using it is easy, and the only consideration you have to make is where the capo should be placed on the neck. Removal is even easier. 

     Overall, capos are very convenient and easy to expand the possibilities you have when it comes to playing songs on your guitar. 

     We recommend the UGY Guitar Capo for its quality and low price. 

    Guitar Hard Case

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    Guitar hard cases are must-have guitar accessories because they perform largely the same function as gig bags, just slightly better. Hard cases are used to transport guitars and their accessories, but since the casing is thick and rigid, it also offers far more protection than the average gig bag. 

     Travelling musicians favor guitar hard cases for a few reasons. The hard outer covering protects the contents from mechanical damage, which is always important because these bags are often tossed around on planes and other vehicles and often shake when in a car going over a bumpy road. 

     They also have ample space for all of your accessories. Gig bags are good for holding guitars plus a few other items, but hard cases have enough space to fit anything guitar-related you could want. This makes it an ideal carrying case for touring musicians who want to bring along some accessories from their collection which they prefer. 

     If you’re a travelling musician or someone who travels a lot and likes to take their guitar with them, guitar hard cases are good options. They are priced a bit higher than gig bags, but their extra features make up for the price difference. 

     The Gearlux Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hard Case is an excellent option for acoustic guitar users. 

    Guitar Cleaning Kits

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    We’ve already mentioned how important maintaining your guitar is. Guitars require maintenance constantly, whether it’s tuning the strings, replacing them entirely, changing some parts, raising or lowering the action, etc.  

     Going to a technician repeatedly to fix these small issues can get exhausting. That’s why investing in a cleaning kit is so good. You won’t be able to fix big issues that your guitar has yourself, but you’ll be able to make sure it sounds as good as it possibly can and that it doesn’t deteriorate any further. 

     Cleaning kits are useful because you can maintain your guitar with little effort. With consistent use, guitars become dirty, which negatively affects the sound quality.  

     Cleaning kits contain everything you’ll need to keep your guitar in top condition, whether it’s polished for the body, cleaners for the strings, or microfiber cloths for the fretboard. These kits are on the cheaper side and have great value for money. So, if you’re looking to take some more responsibility into your own hands, you should consider investing in a good cleaning kit. 

     Fender’s cleaning kit is one of the best that you can currently buy. 

    Guitar Cable

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    By far one of the biggest must-have guitar accessories out there, guitar cables are essential if you’re planning on using an electric guitar. Guitar cables are used to connect the guitar to an amp to play music. 

     Without a guitar cable, electric guitars are all but useless. They only make faint sounds if you strum them on their own, and you won’t be able to add effects to the sound. 

     If you’re looking for the classic electric guitar sound, the only way to achieve that is by using a guitar cable and amp in conjunction with the guitar. Cables are typically cheap, much more so than guitar amps. Cables come in several different lengths, but unless you’re performing somewhere, having a small cable won’t be an issue for you. 

     Cables also have a negligible influence on the sound of the guitar. Their function is only to transmit the signal from the guitar to the amp, where all the magic happens. For that reason, you can opt for cheaper guitar cables as long as they are durable. 

     We recommend the Amazon Basics guitar cable for its durability and low cost.

    Electric Guitar Amp

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    One of the most famous must-have guitar accessories globally is the electric guitar amp. The amp is the centre of the operation, where all the magic happens. Amps have a huge influence on the sound and playability of the guitar. Many people consider having a good amp to be just as if not more important as owning a good guitar.  

     The best guitar amps offer many features that you can use to change and edit the sound and shape it just how you like it. Amps have a big role to play in this regard. 

     Since guitar amps are some of the most popular guitar accessories globally, there are countless different variations of them, all of which have different features and pros and cons. Some amps have some extra controls for editing the guitar’s sound by adding distortion, changing the pitch, changing the tone etc.  

     Some controls come standard on most guitar amps, such as three knobs for controlling the EQ and a knob to control the master volume of the guitar. Amps also have speakers which allow you to hear the guitar. The quality of speakers present in the guitar can have a big impact on whether an amp is worth buying or not.  

     The best guitar amps pack in features and a good quality speaker that maintains sound quality and subtleties the guitar produces and can reach a high volume if necessary. Some amps also come in smaller sizes, and these are preferred by people who are travelling because they take up little space and can be carried easily. However, these compact amps typically sacrifice features or sound quality. 

     If you want an amp with great sound quality, we recommend the Fender Mustang LT-25. 

    Must have guitar accessories Buyer’s Guide

    The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are countless accessories available for them. Since the options are so plentiful, it can be difficult to tell which ones are must-have guitar accessories and which ones aren’t worth considering. 

     To help you out, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide. 

    Why having must-have guitar accessories is so important

    Guitars on their own are underpowered and have vast amounts of untapped potential. Guitar accessories’ job is to tap into this potential and bring out the best in guitars. Must have guitar accessories accomplish this task in a few ways. 

     Some accessories, like capos and tuners, are used to change the guitar’s sound and do so in a fast and convenient way. They are important if you want to have a degree of versatility regarding the kind of music you can play. 

     Other accessories, like gig bags, hard cases, and guitar stands, are great for storing the guitar and preventing it and its accessories from getting damaged, misplaced, or worse. 

    Accessories like guitar picks and straps exist only to make playing the guitar itself easier for the guitarist. Picks are great, especially for beginners, because they make strumming and playing riffs much easier. Straps allow you to play while standing up. 

    The impact having accessories can have on beginners

    The impact these accessories can have on the development of beginners cannot be overstated. The must-have guitar accessories mentioned in this article overhaul the guitar experience, making it much easier and more enjoyable. 

     There are several issues beginner guitarists face when they’re first starting. These issues include not knowing how to tune the guitar, not being able to clean or maintain it, not knowing how to replace the strings and so on. 

     Using accessories is a good way to combat these issues. Using key accessories like tuners and capos can make the playing experience much more enjoyable for beginners, which will result in them wanting to play more and eventually becoming adept enough to be considered intermediates. 

    Accessories you should consider buying based on the type of guitar you play

    You should consider different sets of accessories depending on the type of guitar you usually play. 

     The most obvious example is that no one who plays the electric guitar should buy a guitar cable or a guitar amp because these accessories are made exclusively for electric guitars. 

     Hard cases are also usually more convenient for acoustic and classical guitar players. The bulkiest part of their gear setup is the guitar itself for these players, which can be easily carried in this case. However, people who play the electric guitar need to carry more things like amps and pedals. In this case, having a hard case adds unnecessary bulk that can make transport harder. 

    Common Questions About guitar accessories

    Do I need to buy guitar accessories to play well?

    Must have guitar accessories are generally thought to be integral to the playing experience. While you can play well on any guitar without using accessories, it’s easiest if you do use them. 
    Accessories can be used to complete simple tasks that are difficult for us, such as tuning a guitar. Accessories also expand the possibilities you have as a guitarist. 

    How can I get a full range of must-have guitar accessories without spending a lot of money?

    If you’re operating on a tight budget, you should first consider the most important guitar accessories, which are also cheap. These accessories include extra strings, a gig bag, a tuner, guitar picks, and a strap. 

     If you’re an electric guitar player, then buying a cable and an amp takes priority over these things. For all others, these accessories should be enough until you have enough money to finish your collection. 

    Conclusion of must have guitar accessories

    In this list, we’ve provided you with some must-have guitar accessories that will take your playing abilities to the next level if you invest in them. Whether it’s extra strings, a capo to change pitch, a tuner to adjust the tone, etc., all aspects of the guitar can be modified using these accessories. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Get some new must have guitar accessories to go with your guitar today! 

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