Best Tiktok Songs 2021

TikTok Songs 2021: The Future of the Music Industry

The TikTok app has changed the music industry in many ways. With TikTok Songs 2021, it seems like there is no limit to how much TikTok will change the industry and what TikTok can do for artists. With TikTok’s new feature that allows users to upload their own songs, young musicians have a chance to gain more exposure than ever before.


TikTok is a platform that has quickly become the newest sensation of social media! This app showcases some of today’s best songs and with features such as “dancing,” it makes even those who are shy feel comfortable coming out on camera to show off their moves. With over 200 million monthly active users TikTok can truly be said to have found its niche in this generation.

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TikTok Songs 2021
TikTok Songs 2021

In our blog post, we explore what makes music popular in 2021 by analyzing how often people upload their favorite tracks onto Youtube or even download them from iTunes because once they go viral there’s no stopping these tunes until they reach 100 million streams tops.

Hip Hop TikTok Songs 2021

When it comes to throwing a party, one of the most important things is setting the mood. Dancing and music have always been key components in creating that atmosphere but with new TikTok Hip Hop songs on other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube you can be sure your event will exceed expectations!

  1. Erica Banks – Buss It
  2. Megan Thee Stallion – Body
  3. Cardi B – Up
  4. Kevin Gates – Big Gangsta
  6. StarBoi3 & Doja Cat – D*ck
  7. YungManny – Clap For Em’
  8. Doja Cat – Kiss Me More
  9. Cardi B – WAP
  10. LPB Poody – Batman
  11. Chase B – For Me
  12. Big Homie – Jelly
  13. Offset – Ric Flair Drip
  14. Aminé – Caroline
  15. TooMuch – FYOTP
  16. Coi Leray – BIG PURR
  17. Lil Wil – Bust it open
  18. Future – Tic Tac
  20. Soulja Boy – She Make It Clap
  21. Nicki Minaj – Rake it up
  22. Ski Mask the Slump God – Foot Fungus
  23. Young M.A – Beatbox Freestyle
  24. Cochise – Tell em
  25. Tion Wayne x Russ Millions – Body (Remix)

TikTok Pop Songs 2021

Music can be the best friend you never knew that you needed! When feeling down, there is no better way to feel uplifted than by listening to your favorite tunes. TikTok lets us express ourselves in a unique and authentic way- so if music for an uplifting mood check out these top pop songs on TikTok 2021.

  1. Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u
  2. Ashnikko – Slumber Party
  3. Issam Alnajjar – Hadal Ahebek
  4. Charli XCX – Unlock It
  5. T-Pain – Booty Wurk
  6. The Backyardigans – Castaways
  7. Masked Wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean
  8. Ariana Grande – Motive
  9. Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license
  10. Justin Bieber – Peaches
  12. Bruno Mars – Talking to the Moon
  13. Chucky Santos – Esa Mujer
  14. Rihanna – Needed Me Remix
  15. Pateezy – Beat it
  16. FlyBoyFu – Laffy Taffy (Remix)
  17. T-Pain – Bartender
  18. Dua Lipa – We’re Good
  19. T-Pain – Up Down
  20. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten


Country TikTok Songs 2021

First, you want to find a video that inspires you. Then, use the lyrics of your favorite country song as inspiration for making your own TikTok dance videos! You can either search through their database or create one on YouTube using any old video from Youtube and adding in some background music with an app like Musiio. It’s easy; just download the audio track onto iTunes then select “create new playlist” when editing it so not only will all those songs be grouped together but also they’ll show up in alphabetical order too!


  1. Josh Turner – Would You Go With Me
  2. Billy Currington – We Are Tonight
  3. Mason Ramsey – Twang
  4. Justin Champagne – Do The Lasso
  5. Uncle Drank – Hickstart My Heart
  6. Blanco Brown – The Git Up
  7. Noah Schnacky – Meet the Man
  8. Gretchen Wilson – Here For The Party
  9. Nu Breed – Welcome To My House
  10. Number9ok – Garage Room Freestyle
  11. Ashley Monroe – You Ain’t Dolly
  12. Morgan Wallen – Spin You Around
  13. Morgan Wallen – The Way I Talk
  14. Morgan Wallen – Neon Eyes
  15. Craig Morgan – International Harvester

Have You Ever Watched a TikTok Video?

You can use TikTok to make and upload your own short videos that are as funny or dramatic as you want. It’s a great way for aspiring filmmakers, comedians, musicians – even professional content makers-to hone their skills while connecting with others who share the same creative interests!
What do people love about making TikTok dance videos? They’re an opportunity to unleash creativity in any form possible: comedy sketches, inspiring speeches by famous historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., music performance montages set against inspirational soundtracks…or just plain old silliness galore. After all, this is how some of our favorite influencers got started out on YouTube and Vine years ago so why not give it shot yourself today?!

TikTok is a popular platform for dance videos. In an interview, one of TikTok’s content creators expressed the benefits she gets from her creative expression through making these types of videos: “I don’t have to be this perfect dancer and I can just create whatever moves come out at that moment.”

Tik-Tok has quickly become our go-to social media app when it comes to getting some new tunes or finding your favorite song’s lyrics because they’re always adding fresh hot tracks! So if you find yourself looking for all the latest songs on their site, then look no further than this list we compiled with all the most viewed music videos released last year (2021).

Top TikTok Content Creators

TikTok is becoming one of the most popular social media apps in America. The app allows you to post short videos for your followers and live stream right from within it, making TikTok different than YouTube because there are no editing tools so what people see on this feed is all they will ever get. It’s easy to make these videos without expensive software or skills required by using clips found on their library with music and sound effects already uploaded!

TikTok is the new way to make and share videos. With just a phone, creativity, and some time you can shoot an original video that captures people’s attention! If you’re looking for inspiration or want your own clips from TikTok to be seen by more than one person then we’ve got 11 picks around the world – including those who have already gained fame through their posts as well as up-and-coming stars:

1) @joshuadunniggy has over 600k followers on TikTok because he does short sketches of him doing various things like playing guitar in his father’s office while wearing dad clothes (not real). He even recently did an episode with Mikey Murphy where they had a

2) Lily Singh has 6 million followers but she also engages with her audience by replying back when someone comments in one post alone! You may not know this but he started off his career doing standup comedy.


  1. Charli D’amelio
  2. Addison Rae
  3. Bella Poarch
  4. Will Smith
  5. Spencer X
  6. Loren Gray
  7. Dixie D’amelio
  8. Khabane lame
  9. Michael Le
  10. Jason Derulo
  11. avani


Who Should Use TikTok

TikTok is an app where people can show off their creativity and share it with the world. It’s like Instagram, but instead of just posting pictures you record short videos to make your followers laugh out loud or feel a wide range of emotions. You have complete creative control over what kind of content will be uploaded!

When someone shares a video on TikTok, they are given the option to add some music so that it feels more like an actual song! To give these clips even more life-like movements there are dozens upon dozens (and counting!)of cool animated stickers for text messages, live drawing tools for drawings in real-time as well as photo filters galore. This creates personalized clips of your favorite memories or experiences for others to enjoy. It’s also great for finding new content from other creators within the app: sometimes these creations might be hilarious, offbeat, creative—or even all three at once!


TikTok is a video app where you can make your own short videos. It’s often used by teens to show off their dancing skills, but there are also tons of people who use it for cooking and home projects!

Can You Become TikTok Famous

The app Tik Tok and its sibling have taken over the world with their new content creation that is centered on short videos for social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

TikTok has been one of the hottest social media apps to hit the market for a long time. Tik Tok stars can make hundreds of thousands in revenue from their advertisements alone by posting songs, such as “Doja Cat” or “Jason Derulo”. If you want your content going viral on Instagram or other platforms then TikTok is an easy way to start! There are plenty more categories than simply comedy which will give people something they’re interested in clicking too so why not start promoting yourself already and have fun while doing it with music videos like these ones found.



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