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10 Most Popular Van Halen Songs

Van Halen is one of the most popular bands in history and has sold over 80 million albums worldwide. The band was formed in 1972 by brothers Eddie van Halen (lead guitar) and Alex van Halen (drums). The other members are David Lee Roth (vocals) and Michael Anthony (bass). They have been voted as one of the best hard rock bands ever. Below is a list of their 10 most popular songs.


Van Halen was an amazing band that, when they first came out in 1978, became a headliner and concert favorite. This is because the originality of their music combined with David Lee Roth’s unique voice made them one of the most creative rock bands ever to grace stage or audience! Eddie Van Halen had such a strong bond with Alex- something he shared only once before on “Jump,” which comes from his autobiography where it talks about how they felt like brothers as kids growing up together.

Van Halen Band
Van Halen Band

Choosing only ten essential Van Halen songs proves difficult given its prolific output over four decades spanning five albums (51 tracksbut weve narrowed it down based on greatness– exposing some fan favorites along the way while mentioning solo material by Edward Anthony.

From Led Zeppelin to Queenthe 1970s was an amazing decade for great rock and roll bandsVan Halen is one of few who were able to rise from this era that has continued on today with their original sound intact.

When we think about classic rock in the ’70s, it brings up memories of Black Sabbath or The Doors but as time went by those names faded away while some such as Pink Floyd are still aroundhowever there has been a new band rising out of this generationVan Halen!

10 “Chinatown


Van Halen is one of the most iconic rock bands in history with seven platinum albums and over 75 million records sold. But now, Van Halen has got something new up their sleeve–their first studio album since 1998! This self-titled release features 12 rocking songs that are sure to get your heart pumping and have you singing along within minutes. “Chinatown” will be a standout for listeners as it combines Eddie’s signature vocal stylings with intense guitar riffs throughout the song made popular by his past work on A Different Kind Of Truth back in 2012 at number 10 out of 13 tracks available this time around.
Van Halen is an American hard rock band from Pasadena, California formed around 1974 comprised of David Lee Roth


9 – “Panama

The band Van Halen was wellknown for their love of cars and partyingas evidenced by the song “Panama” which is about David Lee Roth’s carThis fascination with automobiles wasn’t just limited to lyrics in songs eitherit extended into other aspects of the music industry tooOne example of this can be found when they recorded “Van Halen II.” They were inside a studio recording guitars but wanted to add some extra sound effects that you might hear from an engine revving at high RPMs or maybe doing doughnuts out on an open trackSo what did Alex doHe pulled up his Lamborghini right outside so he could record it all live without needing any post-production editing whatsoever!

The lyrics of “Panama” are about a girl who has gone to Panama and is at risk of contracting STDsThe speaker implores the listeners not to follow her examplebut rather go back home or enjoy another country because she cannot have any more fun in this one while risking lifethreatening diseases.


8 – “Finish What Ya Started

Van Halen’s new single has taken the world by storm. The song was well-received, with guitarists praising it for its catchy tune and innovative sound that blends elements of blues, country, and soul – a deviation from Van Halen’s traditional signature rock style. It features drummer Alex Van Halen on vocals while Eddie plays his famous intro riff to “Finish What Ya Started” before Sammy Hagar enters playing the second guitar!



7 – “Beautiful Girls

David Lee Roth is the most charismatic guy in Van Halen. The last song on “Van Halen II” entitled, Beautiful Girls, showcases this fact with his signature bombastic charm and entertaining flair that was part of what made him so different from other lead singers.



6 – “Runnin’ with the Devil

“In 1978, the iconic Van Halen song “Runnin’ with the Devil” was released into a society that had been previously dominated by blues artists. The track introduced an electrifying sound to rock music and has since become one of their most famous songs. Played at every live performance in which David Lee Roth fronted for them, it represents not only Eddie Van Halen’s virtuosity on guitar but also his philosophy: living life without regret.” In contrast to many other legendary rock musiciansEddie’s sound did not emulate that of any specific guitarist from past generationsrather it personified his own unique style which has inspired countless others in their craft since
– such as Steve Vai or Joe SatrianiThe sheer power behind each lick he would play is something I will never forget!



5 – “Poundcake

The album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was released in 1991, and the opening track is a power drill-powered opener that sets the tone for what would be their heaviest work together. “Poundcake” may have been Van Halen’s best material under this configuration.



4 – “Aint Talkin’ ’bout Love

When Velvet Revolver performed the Van Halen song “Ain’t Talk’n ‘bout Love” for their introduction of Eddie and Alex in 2007it was an homage to a man whose genius is unmatchedThe opening guitar lick announces its presence immediately with a fastpaced riff that gives way to one of rock’s most recognizable melodies – which can be heard all over the world at sporting events and school dances alikeIf you’re looking for some truly epic electric guitar solosthey’re here tooas part of what many consider his definitive workDavid Lee Roth delivers searing lead lines on top of bassist Michael Anthonys signature heavy backing sound while drummer Ralph Molina beats hard against those iconic drums so emblematic




3 – Mean Street

Mean Street is one of Van Halen’s most underrated albums. It opens with the blistering guitar lick and a fast pace that immediately grabs your attention while Michael Anthony provides a counterpoint by playing an articulate bass line. The lyrics are delivered in David Lee Roth’s signature style, matching the intensity perfectly as he sings about urban life; but what really makes this album stand out from anything they had released before was their use of harmonies in voicings unheard anywhere else previously.

In this albumthe band really grew as a songwriter and with their writingTheir “Mean Street” in particular was representative of how they’ve matured into better musicians.


2 – Everybody Wants Some

“Everybody Wants Some” is a classic rocker with lyrics that tell you to make up your mind about what you want right now or it will be too late for tonight. The song features some of Eddie Van Halen’s best guitar work ever recorded in his career, but the band got sick of playing this song live because they played it so many times!

The perfect rock anthem Everybody Wants Some have a powerful slam dunk chorus and the guitar runs are insane. For those who want some action or just enjoy listening to jams on repeat all day long, this is for you!



#1 – “Hot for Teacher


In 1984 Van Halen released the controversial track “Hot For Teacher” from their album of the same name. They defended themselves against such allegations on CNN’s Crossfire with Frank Zappa speaking out about it, stating that he himself had a song called “Dirty Love.”
In 1984, rock band Van Halen encountered some criticism for releasing one of its last songs before singer David Lee Roth left-“Hot For Teacher”- which was said to contain inappropriate subject matter as well as provocative video footage in support. But when they appeared on the TV show Crossfire opposite conservative pundit and musician Ted Nugent who vehemently denounced them for this material; guitarist Eddie van Halen’s response: Frank Zappa has written an awful lot.

In 84‘, VH unleashed Hot For Teacher too much controversy because of both content and an accompanying music video depicting younger versions of them engaged in less than stellar behavior – but they were able to defend themselves on CNNs‘ crossfire thanks to legendary artist Frank Zappa!
1980s America was a time of musical censorshipFrank Zappathe advocate for free speech and music loverspoke out against this movement as it swept across the nationThe Senate hearings to censor various forms of music were met with opposition by one man who stood his ground in defending our freedomMrZappa!


It was an era of the sexual revolutionIt should come as no surprise that one of the most popular rock songs on this list is about a young man’s lust for his teacherwho he subconsciously equated with sex and violenceVan Halens “Hot For Teacher,” from their album 1984defines what it means to be hot during these turbulent times – in more ways than one!

The guitar solo at the end of “Hot for Teacher” is one that Eddie Van Halen should be very proud ofThe blood boilingarticulate performance with his flawless technique and style stands as a top highlight in the band’s historyIt was not only complimented by Michael Anthony on bass but also matched note for note from Alex without missing any opportunities to show off their skillset throughout this piece.




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